5 Attic Remodel Ideas: Take Advantage of Wasted Space

Los Angeles and its surrounding suburbs have plenty to offer in terms of real estate. But one thing that many LA homes lack is storage space. Attics and basements are common in other parts of the country, but they’re harder to find in California. Basements in particular are scarce, but you can find homes with attics. 

When done right, attics don’t have to be unattractive. They can actually be renovated to look attractive and comfortable, serving as additional storage space for a home gym, office or hangout. Kavin Construction can design and build a space that you’ll love. 

Below are five fabulous attic remodel ideas for Los Angeles homes. 

1. Playroom Conversion 

Need a space for the kids or grandkids to run around and play? An attic is the perfect space for this. Rather than having the kids and their toys throughout your main floor, you can give them a dedicated space where they can play and be kids. 

Some ideas for a playground conversion include:

  • Warm, pastel paint colors 
  • Built-in shelving for storing toys
  • Insulated flooring to keep warm
  • Soft electrical lighting 
  • Windows for natural light 

2. Bedroom Conversion 

Whether you need a private space for your guests or a bedroom for your teen, you can convert your attic into a bedroom. We recommend adding insulation to keep this space at a comfortable temperature and save on utility bills. We can either add to the existing insulation or redo it. 

Additional things to consider for a bedroom conversion are overhead lighting, new flooring, window seats to hide ductwork and skylight windows. If you’re concerned about the ceiling, don’t be! There are plenty of ways we can transform it into something beautiful such as by installing rustic wood ceiling beams. 

3. Home Office

Working from home is predicted to be the new normal. If you’re able to work from home or your kids are remote learning, having a dedicated work space is important. You’ll be away from the main hub of your home and have a quiet escape where you can focus and be productive. Aside from the decorative elements like paint, lighting and flooring, you may have to rewire your attic to support internet and office equipment. 

4. Home Theater

Have you always dreamed of having a home theater and now have the money to do so but not the space? Consider turning your attic into a home theater. Not only will you have a cool spot to watch movies and TV, but also you can save money from going to the movies! And, if you have a large blank wall, it’s the perfect spot for a projector screen!

Additional features to add are: 

  • Seating such as amphitheater style seating, leather reclining chairs or a spacious sectional 
  • Sound system for watching movies – and it won’t disrupt the neighbors! 
  • Popcorn machine to capture the movie theater vibe 
  • Wet bar for pouring drinks and entertaining 

5. Game Room

Lastly, you can convert your attic into a game room for friends and family. You can even double up and turn your attic into a game/home theater space. Install comfortable flooring like laminate or luxury vinyl, built-in storage for games, furniture for playing cards and a bar for mixing drinks.

These are just a few attic remodeling ideas for Los Angeles homes. If you’re interested in turning this space into something functional and comfortable for your family, schedule a free estimate with Kavin Construction. We can bring your vision to life!