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How to Manage the Costs of a Home Renovation

Sticking to a budget is always a challenge, but it’s especially difficult when hiring a Los Angeles contractor to do a home remodeling or renovation project. It’s not just one cost you’re accounting for but many. Nevertheless, having a budget allows you to manage your expenses and put aside the proper funds to cover each project. 

Follow the steps below and you’ll have a decent idea of how much your next home improvement project will cost. 

Prioritize Your Remodeling Needs 

The first step when budgeting for a remodeling project is to know exactly what you want. Create a list of everything you hope to see in your project, such as new cabinets, hardwood flooring or recessed lighting. It’s helpful to prioritize your list so that if you have to make cuts, you can draw the line more easily. For example, you may need new cabinets but are willing to go with laminate countertops over granite. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself: 

  • What do you want your project to accomplish?
  • What are you willing to compromise on? 
  • What are you willing to splurge on?
  • What details are required to complete your project? 

Create a Plan with Estimates 

When you have a list of everything you need, you can then start researching the associated costs. Not only is this a great way to allocate your budget, but also it will help you communicate your expectations to a contractor. Below are some tips to help you budget more accurately: 

  • Use online resources like HomeAdvisor to determine how much each project costs. Labor usually accounts for 25 to 30 percent of a project’s budget. 
  • Select the fixtures and finishes you want and what you plan to spend on them. This includes faucets, tile, flooring, cabinet hardware, paint and more. Be sure to account for shipping and taxes. 
  • Include the appliances you plan on purchasing. Make sure you factor in installation and delivery costs to Los Angeles as well. 
  • Consider additional living expenses. If you plan on having a major renovation, you may have to move your family out of the home for a while. Consider costs for staying in a hotel, boarding pets, etc. 

Get Quotes from Contractors 

Once you have done your research, you can start reaching out to contractors in Los Angeles. Having a detailed list will help you communicate with a contractor and choose the best professional for your needs. A few tips for selecting a contractor include: 

  • Complete interviews and check references. It’s helpful to get at least three estimates so that you can compare numbers. Before requesting a bid, pre-qualify contractors by checking their references and contractor’s license status. Also, make sure they have workers’ compensation insurance and liability insurance. There’s nothing more frustrating than liking the cost and the contractor, only to find out that they are not professionally qualified to take on the project. 
  • Review the estimates. The contractors should provide you with bids that are relatively close in cost. If you receive a low proposal, don’t assume the project will be completed for that amount, particularly if the other two proposals are similar. Remember, most contractors do not have the funds to make up for their mistakes, so it will fall on you to cover them, in addition to the extra headache and aggravation you’ll have to go through.
  • Be clear about your expectations. Communication is key in any contractor-customer relationship. Ask about potential time delays, additional expenses you may encounter, etc. The contractor should be upfront and honest with you. Telling you only what you want to hear can result in sticker shock and regret later on in the project. 
  • Ask about ways to save money. If your estimates are higher than you’re comfortable with, consider some ways to save money such as by doing the demolition work on your own, ordering your own fixtures and more. 

Once you decide on a contractor, make the final updates to your project plan to ensure everything stays on budget. Kavin Construction is a Los Angeles home and kitchen remodeling contractor that offers free estimates. Contact us today to discuss your project. With 43+ years of experience and a diverse portfolio of projects, we’re confident that we can meet and exceed your expectations. 


Bathroom Remodeling Trends in Los Angeles for 2020

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom in the near future? It helps to know what the latest trends are. At Kavin Construction, we encourage our customers to use the latest trends for inspiration and then add their own personal touches to the design. This way, you get a beautiful, stylish design that is functional for you and your family. 

Here are the most recent bathroom remodeling trends in Los Angeles for 2020. Hopefully you’ll come across some personal favorites! 

The Color Black 

Black is showing up in more contemporary bathrooms, mostly replacing the once-popular color grey. Black is bold and spirited, perfect for complementing light fixtures, cabinet hardware, faucets, vanities and mirrors. If you like the idea of bold colors in your bathroom but feel that black is too much, opt for a striking dark grey or brown instead. 

Floating Vanities 

Bathroom vanities are taking on a whole new look in 2020. Industrial sinks look sleek and modern but do lack storage space. Another option worth considering is a floating vanity that “floats” over the floor. This helps make the space appear larger and also reduces visual clutter while still offering plenty of storage and counter space.

Smart Features 

As technology becomes more mainstream, we can expect to find it around the home, too. Bathrooms are no exception. There are smart toilets that feature seat warmers, automatic lid openers and built-in deodorizers. Other innovative bathroom additions include smart showers, infrared sensors, built-in TVs and automatic sinks. Who said getting ready in the morning had to be boring? 

Zero-entry Showers

Tired of taking showers in a cramped space? This won’t be a problem with a wide, open shower. One thing to think about, however, is that open showers do give less privacy. On the other hand, they’re safe and take away those slippery bathtub lips that you have to step over. Let our designers show you some different zero-entry shower options that include built-in storage.

Wooden Accents 

Wood is another material that is changing the way bathrooms look in 2020. Wood has been used in luxury bathrooms for a long time, but it’s becoming more commonplace in everyday bathrooms as well. A popular trend has been the addition of wood walls. While these walls look great in any room, they add a layer of comfort and warmth in the bathroom. 

Brass and Gold 

Remember when brass was popular in the 1990s? Well, it’s back. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, some homeowners feel that these warmer accents are a refreshing alternative to shiny polished chrome. Plus, brass is available in finishing options like satin, matte and spun gold. It looks amazing on bathroom fixtures, hardware and lighting.

Kavin Construction is a custom home building and remodeling contractor in Los Angeles. We work closely with our clients to help them design the perfect bathrooms for their needs and budget. Contact us today to discuss your plans for a freshly remodeled bathroom that gives you everything you’re looking for – and more! 

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Should You Continue with Your Home Renovation During COVID-19?

California is currently following a stay-at-home order in response to the coronavirus pandemic. In time, this will loosen, but even then we can expect things to be different. If there’s one thing that we are learning from this experience, it’s that there is no better place to be than home. 

If you’ve been thinking about doing some home improvement projects, you may be wondering how and when to move forward. On one hand, you don’t want to take on a project that will drain you financially, especially if your job is unstable. On the other hand, you may have more free time to fix up the home and a little extra money in your pocket from that cancelled vacation or stimulus check

Here are some considerations to make when planning for a remodel during or after the coronavirus pandemic. 

Yes, you should still tackle small, low-budget projects. 

Some renovations are more expensive than others. If you were looking to tackle an affordable project that you could pay for in cash, you don’t have to hold off because of the current health crisis. In fact, now is a great time to work on the project because you have the time to do so. Chances are, you’re stuck indoors anyway, so you may as well put your time to good use. 

If you need some help from the pros, that’s okay! Because home improvement is an essential service, most contractors are still working. You will want to take extra precautions to protect the contractor and yourself, which they can advise you on. 

Larger renovation projects may have to wait. 

As for larger projects, you may want to hold off on these. If you were planning on paying in cash, it’s probably best to hold onto this money until our economy is better. There’s no telling how badly the coronavirus pandemic will affect our economy and what jobs will be compromised. 

That said, if you feel secure in your job and your savings account, you can move forward with a larger project. After all, not all home improvements are for luxury purposes. Some are essential to your indoor comfort and health. For example, if your bathroom has mold or your appliances are not working, you’ll want to move forward with your project.

Use this time to get multiple quotes. 

Another thing you can do right now is work on getting a few estimates. This way, you can start planning for a freshly remodeled kitchen or bath! Plus, researching contractors gives you a head start on a successful renovation

A good rule of thumb is to start getting estimates 30 days before signing anything. Do some preliminary research on your own, gather a few quotes from reputable contracting companies and analyze the numbers. 

Here are some things to pay attention to: 

  • Level of detail. Avoid vague estimates, particularly for small projects. Everything should be broken down. 
  • Materials and appliances. You should get the materials and appliances you want, not just the ones that are cheapest. 
  • Waste disposal and cleanup. Most contractors rent dumpsters or trash cans to dispose of hazardous materials. 
  • Permits and inspections. Most large home improvement projects require a permit and inspection. Who is responsible for getting these? 
  • Landscaping. The trucks and dumpsters can cause damage to your landscaping. Who is responsible for returning the yard to its original condition? 
  • Warranties. Make sure the contractor offers some type of warranty on their work. If they charge for this, is it worth the extra cost? 

The COVID-19 pandemic is surely changing things for people, but it’s bringing us closer to our homes and nuclear families. If you are interested in moving forward with a home improvement project now or in the future, contact Kavin Construction for a detailed estimate. 


The City of Los Angeles presents some interesting challenges to residential general contractors.  Los Angeles is unique in its wide assortment of varying architectural styles, each of which necessitates a large swath of expertise from only the most knowledgeable remodeling contractors.  It demands a residential remodeling contractor be a renovation specialist in ranch style, Mediterranean style, mid-century modern, historic ’30s, or craftsman home kitchens to name just a few.  What kind of architecture does your home have, and are you going to be true to that style in your kitchen renovation?

What Every Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Should Know

A professional contractor who specializes in kitchen spaces should know every aspect of what a kitchen represents to the entire home, the heart of most every home.  They should be aware of just what makes a kitchen tick; that not only is it a necessary room in the house, a practical room in the house, but that it is a reflection of that family’s style.  Form and function have equal consideration.  Have a thorough discussion with any prospective general contractor and see if they grasp how you use your kitchen space, and what you expect from your kitchen remodeling project.

  • Do you eat out often, or cook every night?
  • How large is your family now, or going to be in the future?
  • Will you change the configuration of the kitchen, or leave it as is?
  • Is your plumbing and electrical up to modern standards of efficiency?
  • Want all new cabinetry, or just refinishing or refacing the old?
  • Are you increasing countertop space, storage space, or both?
  • Do you plan on recreating a vintage kitchen, or will you go modern, rustic, or industrial?
  • Want to knock down walls and have an open concept?
  • Does your kitchen need to be an eat-in style?
  • Have you chosen your preferred materials?  Marble, Granite, Stone, Glass, Mixed Woods, Tile,      Stainless Steel, White Ice, Oil Rubbed Bronze?
  • Did you define a budget, or the parameters of a budget, high and low.


A Premier Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Los Angeles

Kavin Construction, Inc. is the residential general contractor in Los Angeles that you can count on for a kitchen remodel project that will satisfy you 100 percent.  Michael Kavin and his team of skilled craftsmen have the design knowledge, construction experience, and business honesty to translate your kitchen renovation plans into reality.  You’ll not find better when it comes architectural know-how, to a supervised job site, to a detailed proposal and line item billing, to honoring a contracted timeline.  Review their testimonials from many happy Los Angeles clients as well as their photo gallery for project inspiration.  Then contact Kavin and begin the creative prospect of remodeling your Los Angeles kitchen, no matter what style you select.

The Latest and Greatest Kitchens and Baths

Thousands attended the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) held in Las Vegas, to witness the winning kitchen and bath designers and builders showcased for 2014.  This annual events features the latest in style trends for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as an array of cutting edge materials from around the world.  Its the perfect arena to see exactly what’s new and what’s best in the industry, and provides an excellent starting point for research into kitchen and bath remodeling possibilities.  The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) judges and awards outstanding designers in 18 different categories.  There were some 1,700 exhibitors who contributed to the show, and 75,000 attendees who excitedly viewed the elaborate variety of new offerings.  Representatives from Houzz magazine report spending 3 days walking the arena and still not seeing it all.

Meet The Manufacturers

An event like this is an exciting chance to meet the manufacturers of both familiar and exotic kitchen and bath products, as well as see them displayed in various room configurations to suit any home owner’s needs.  This annual competition is every kitchen and bathroom remodeler’s dream.  Some of the manufacturers on the scene included; Caesarstone, Viking, Dacor, Kohler, Richelieu, and Rohl.

Meet The Winners

High scoring projects were evaluated according to principles of design, planning, safety, ergonomics, creativity, and presentation, to name just some of the criteria.  Award winners this year spanned a variety of of themes, styles and finishes ranging from cottage, to farmhouse, to contemporary.

BEST BATH:  A contemporary Asian-themed room featuring an elegant black pocket door with Shoji panels, sensor activated lighting, onyx sink and glamorous gold fixtures.

BEST KITCHEN:  Designed for a family of four, this kitchen features two work zones, abundant storage, chunky back beveled marble, solid walnut cabinetry, lava stone floor, and wavy backsplash tiles.


Viking  Professional French-Door Double Oven.

Glideware Slide Out Hanging Pot Rack

Crystal Colors Shower Walls

M-Series Granite Sinks

Stealth UHET Dual Flush Toilet

Making It Yours

If you are considering a kitchen or bath remodeling project, do your research.  There have never before been such a variety of designs and materials at every price point imaginable.  Then, consult with Kavin Construction, Inc. and have the best contractors in the greater Los Angeles area translate  your latest and greatest remodeling plans into a functional reality.  You can depend on these experienced, premier general contractors to be the reliable experts on building and design that you can trust.  Begin your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project today by contacting Kavin Construction, Inc.