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History about Custom Home Builders of Los Angeles


The success of Kavin Construction has its roots in Michael Kavin’s personal and business integrity. From humble beginnings, Michael Kavin established himself as a leader in the construction industry where he brings professionalism to a non-professional industry.

Michael spent summers during his college years working at Anawalt Lumber Company in Los Angeles. His carpentry experiences expanded into the business aspects of construction, and in 1975 he formed Kavin Construction. Three years later, he became a licensed contractor with the State of California, and shortly after, the State began utilizing Michael as an expert witness in construction dispute cases. This is where Michael saw firsthand how many people in the industry were doing things the wrong way. And he promised himself that he would not be like them. He vowed that honesty was the best policy and should be the foundation of a successful organization, especially one dedicated to the construction of people’s homes.

Throughout the years, Michael Kavin maintained his relationship with Anawalt Lumber, and today, he is their single largest client. Their successful relationship reflects on how Kavin Construction treats its clients and does business with sub-contractors and craftspeople alike.