Multigenerational Design Ideas for Your California Home

According to Pew Research, a record 64 million Americans live in multigenerational households. This arrangement makes sense for many families because it allows for greater financial stability, as well as childcare and household responsibilities. 

Of course, living in a multigenerational household isn’t easy all the time. With a wide range of needs and lifestyles, the family home must accommodate everyone. Otherwise, household members are going to grow unhappy. 

Fortunately, there are ways you can make your home comfortable and inviting for everyone. Kavin Construction does work on many luxury multigenerational homes in Los Angeles. Below are some helpful design tips and ideas for you to consider. 

Island Layout Kitchens

The island layout (or u-shape layout) is the perfect setup for a large family. This is why it’s commonly requested by our design team. A large island provides extra seating, a prep area and a cooking surface. The island layout also provides plenty of storage space and has the chef facing outward, keeping an eye on kids or enjoying a conversation with guests. 

Wider Doorways 

The typical household doorway is just 32 inches. By adding a few inches to that width, you can enhance accessibility, convenience and natural light. People can move through your home easily, especially when the wider doorways are joined with an open concept floor plan. Also, wide hallways are a bonus and can accommodate wheelchairs, walkers and childrens’ artwork. 

Bedroom Alternatives 

To discourage teens from retreating to their bedrooms all day, you can transform small or odd spaces into cozy alcoves, home theaters or hobby rooms. These spaces appeal to teens and their friends but also make it easier for large families to interact. 

Separate Entrances 

Another design consideration to make is separate entrances. This way, family members can come and go without disturbing one another. Overlapping schedules are common in multi-family households and having separate entrances is a great way to separate the early risers from the night owls. 

First Floor Master Bedroom 

A first-floor master bedroom is an asset in most multigenerational homes. You may choose to use these rooms as-is or as a temporary home office or playroom. Over time, older adults are more likely to suffer from hip pain, ankle injuries and knee problems. First-floor bedrooms and bathrooms are convenient and practical for aging adults. 

There are so many ways you can make your Los Angeles home functional for multiple generations! For ideas on how to transform your home into a convenient, accessible multigenerational property, contact Kavin Construction today for an estimate.