Top Trends for Modern Luxury Homes in 2021

Planning a remodel for your luxury property in Los Angeles? It helps to know what the trends are, as they can provide you with the inspiration you need to make important design decisions. This year’s trends are focused on forward-thinking designs, increased storage space, technical innovations and architectural elements. 

If these custom upgrades sound appealing to you, read on for more information on the latest trends for luxury homes in Los Angeles and the surrounding suburbs. 

Open Concept Spaces 

We’ve been seeing the “open concept” trend in home design for quite some time. Even homes that have traditional farmhouse layouts can be transformed into open, airy floor plans. To do this, it’s common to combine the family room and kitchen and remove any walls or half walls. This creates a natural flow between the two rooms and offers plenty of space for entertaining. 

Remodeling Over Moving 

A large 4- or 5-bedroom home that raised a family isn’t quite practical for empty nesters. But selling the family home and starting over on a mortgage isn’t either. This is why the choice to remodel is expected to be an ongoing trend. The remodeling process typically requires a smaller financial investment than new construction, and veteran homeowners can implement their design vision into a home they already know and love. 

Outdoor Oases 

Another trend to look forward to is creating luxury outdoor spaces. This is especially popular here in Los Angeles because the weather is warm and comfortable year-round. An outdoor oasis can have any number of features such as an outdoor fireplace, outdoor cooking area, hot tub, water features, family garden, built-in speakers and more. Pick the features that match your lifestyle. 

Smart, Automated Homes

Many homeowners are incorporating smart technology into their home design. Automated features allow people to turn on and off the lights, adjust the temperature, secure the home and so much more. They typically offer savings on your utility bills as well. And, now with everything having voice activation, smart technology in the home is even more desirable for people of all ages. 

Spa Like Bathrooms

No longer are bathrooms just for toilets and showers. Modern bathrooms are sacred spaces to start your day out, refresh after work and end the night on a positive note. This is why one of our most popular requests is for a spa-like bathroom – some with heated floors, large windows, walk-in showers, free-standing spas, layered lighting and more. 

Luxury Closets 

Large, walk-in closets are on everyone’s wish lists these days. Some of the custom closets we’ve built are as big as guest bedrooms! They feature plenty of shelving, places to store shoes, full-length mirrors, vanity tables and bright lighting. But even if you don’t have the desire to have a closet like this, we can still transform your current storage space into something more practical and accessible. 

Do any of these trends sound interesting to you? Contact Kavin Construction to discuss your vision for your home in 2021. Everything we do is custom and built to our clients’ exact specifications. Let us turn your dreams into realities!