Top 5 Questions Homeowners Have About Walk-in Showers

Walk-in showers are a popular bathroom renovation idea for Los Angeles homes – and for good reason. They’re spacious, accessible, easy to keep clean and elegant. And, for those who prefer to age in place, a walk-in shower is much easier to step in and out of. But, if you’re like many homeowners, you probably have questions about how a walk-in shower will fit in your home. 

Here are the top four questions we hear from customers about walk-in showers along with our answers. You can use this information to help you plan for a brand new bathroom remodel!

1. Can you install a walk-in shower in a small bathroom? 

There’s a common misconception that walk-in showers need big bathrooms. But this isn’t the case. Walk-in showers can be installed in the tiniest bathrooms, though you’ll have to be willing to go for an open design. Another option is to remove your tub and use this space for a larger shower. While it’s definitely easiest to install a walk-in shower in a large bathroom, there are options for small bathrooms, too.  

2. Will my shower stay warm and toasty? 

Full glass enclosures keep in the warmth and steam, giving you the hot showers you love. Because a walk-in shower is open, the heat escapes and results in colder showers. To keep your morning showers warm and toasty, you have two options: install heated flooring or compromise with a half-way open shower system. 

3. Are there other options besides tile for the walls? 

Another common misconception is that walk-in showers have to be tiled. While tile is a beautiful option, there are other ones as well. You can achieve a high-end, luxury look with laminated shower wall panels, glossy wall panels and decorative faux stone wall panels. These alternatives are a bit cheaper as well, making them a great option for a bathroom remodel on a budget. 

4. Won’t water get onto my bathroom floor? 

With careful planning, you can avoid having puddles on your bathroom floor. This is important to think about, as standing water is a fall hazard and can cause significant damage to your walls and floors if it recurs. Working with a qualified residential contractor in Los Angeles is key. They’ll make sure this doesn’t happen by properly pre-sloping and waterproofing the area before installing the shower base. 

You can also prevent excess water from getting out of the shower by choosing the correct faucet. Flexible rain heads directed down at your head are the best option for walk-in showers because they prevent water from spraying onto your floor. 

5. How can I make my walk-in shower private? 

There are ways to make your walk-in shower more private. Instead of going for a big opening, you can choose a shower screen with clear or obscure glass. You can also pick a wave pattern of glass blocks. This gives you some privacy while also keeping the bathroom bright and open. 

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