Custom Home Features That Add Resale Value

Custom home builders in Los Angeles specialize in the design and construction of homes that are meant to last a lifetime. Unlike tract or spec homes that are built to appeal to a wide range of buyers, custom homes are built to the person’s exact specifications. This is why custom homes often become “forever homes” that stay within the family for generations. 

However, it’s not always possible to keep a custom home in the family. Dynamics change, people relocate for jobs and others choose to downsize. Because custom homes come with a premium, you want to be thoughtful about the upgrades you make. Below are the unique features in custom homes that are sure to add resale value. 

Multi-Functional Kitchens

The kitchen, without a doubt, is the heart of the home. When buyers look at homes, it’s often the kitchen they want to see first. With a custom build, the possibilities for function and beauty are endless. You can have a big kitchen with an ergonomic layout, plenty of storage, an oversized island and energy efficient lighting and appliances. 

Beautiful Flooring 

Wall-to-wall carpeting might feel soft on the feet, but it’s not what buyers are looking for. Instead, they prefer hardwood flooring throughout the home. It looks elegant, is easy to maintain and doesn’t need to be replaced like carpet does. Plus, having the same flooring throughout the home opens up the space and makes it feel big and airy. 

Spa-Inspired Master Bedrooms and Bathrooms 

Today’s buyers are interested in master bedrooms and bathrooms because they spend a lot of time in these places getting ready and unwinding from work. In fact, Kavin Construction receives regular requests for dual master bedrooms in Los Angeles. Talk to us about adding custom features like a drink fridge, hidden storage, makeup vanities, spa bathrooms and nooks for reading or journaling. 

High Quality, Energy Efficient Windows 

Windows have a significant impact on the look and feel of the home – both indoors and outdoors. They let in natural light, reduce noise from the outside and keep the home comfortable through the seasons. Because windows are a major investment, buyers are drawn to custom homes that already have beautiful, efficient and reliable windows installed.  

Welcoming, Grand Entrance 

When welcoming friends and family into the home, the last thing you want is for them to see a cluttered kitchen or messy family room. A welcoming entryway makes a great first impression. This is why many custom homes in Los Angeles have sprawling staircases, wide entryways, tall ceilings and elegant lighting. Plus, if someone is just stopping by for a minute, they don’t have to see your “lived in” rooms. 

Custom homes come with a premium price tag, so you want to choose your improvements wisely. Things that may fit your lifestyle may be unique to you only. That said, the ideas above are ones that most buyers are willing to pay more for. To discuss your ideas for home improvement, contact the custom home builders at Kavin Construction