Dual Master Bedrooms: The Latest Trend in Luxury Homes

Many people don’t give attention to their master bedroom until the more family-friendly rooms are complete. But there’s one trend that seems to make sense for many couples – dual primary bedroom suites. In fact, this trend is growing so much, Architectural Digest is calling it “the hottest new amenity in luxury homes.” 

So what are dual master bedrooms? These rooms are for couples who want separate master bedrooms to accommodate different sleeping habits. Imagine having your own bedroom where you can sleep how you want while having the features and square footage of your choice. Sounds glorious, doesn’t it? 

What is the Purpose of a Dual Master Bedroom? 

There was a time when sleeping in separate bedrooms was a sign of marriage troubles, but this is no longer the case. Today’s couples are finding that having their own bedrooms leads to better sleep, which in turn leads to happier couples. 

While dual master bedrooms are most popular among baby boomers, younger couples are seeing the value in them as well. Couples who work opposite hours, have different sleep patterns or just want their own space are also benefiting from having separate suites. 

Even better is that couples are able to personalize their space to accommodate their needs and preferences. Even though bedrooms are mostly associated with sleeping, people spend a lot of time in these rooms reading, working, watching TV and more. They can make their bedroom the perfect place to spoil and pamper themselves. 

Common Trends for Separate Primary Bedroom Suites 

With a dual primary bedroom, you essentially have two separate master bedrooms. Because these are most common in luxury homes, there are plenty of ways to take this upgrade to the next level. Here are some features that customers are asking for: 

  • Sitting areas. Having additional seating gives you space for curling up with a good book or writing in your journal. It also gives you another place to sit aside from your bed, which should be reserved for sleeping or relaxing. 
  • Working space. With more people working from home due to COVID, it makes sense to have a small working space in your master suite. Or create a nook that reflects your favorite hobby such as art or music. 
  • Fireplaces. Imagine curling up and watching movies next to your very own fireplace. This ambiance is relaxing and can offer your bedroom a cozy setting with a pleasant aroma and natural lighting. 
  • Small appliances. Having a mini fridge or microwave in your bedroom is a game changer. Another popular request is a coffee bar. You can jumpstart your mornings with a hot cup of coffee before leaving your bedroom. 

Design Your Dual Master Bedroom Today 

With so much flexibility, it’s no surprise that having separate primary bedroom suites is a trend that’s not going away. What do you think of having a dual master bedroom? If this is something that sounds like a dream for you, contact Kavin Construction for a consultation. We can help determine how to bring this vision to life in your luxury Los Angeles home.