Why Location Matters When Building Your Dream Home

Before you can start building your dream home in Los Angeles, you need to choose a location. Location is among the top qualities buyers must consider when building their forever home. After all, your home might be beautiful, but if it’s not in a convenient location, you’re going to find yourself struggling to live there. 

Kavin Construction is a custom home builder in Los Angeles and the surrounding suburbs. We are aware of prime lots and up-and-coming communities that are perfect for new builds. Not only does location matter in terms of work, school and shopping, but also it enhances property value and demand. 

Here are some aspects to think about when choosing the best location for your dream home in Los Angeles. 

Safety and Long Term Potential 

Safety is a prime consideration when living near any big city. You can find a lot of good information online about safety and criminal activity, but also be sure to check out the schools, parks and shopping areas. This will tell you where the area is headed. Some areas might be safe now, but the future is unclear. Others might have higher crime rates but are trending in the right direction. 

Schools and Colleges 

School ratings are directly tied to property values. Even as a large city, Los Angeles has many good school districts including San Marino, La Canada and Arcadia. Even if you don’t have a young family, it’s still important to look at the schools because this will influence your resale value. 

Colleges and universities also make a difference, and fortunately, California has plenty. Living near well-known colleges and universities can increase your property value while also granting more educational opportunities. For instance, your kids can attend a prestigious school while living at home or you can pursue another degree by taking night classes. 

Daily Commute and Transportation 

You should always choose a location that is conducive to your lifestyle. Think about your daily commute and how you plan to get to work. Are you going to drive? Take public transportation? Carpool with friends? 

The best locations are accessible to major freeways, public transportation, grocery stores and restaurants. Not only does this allow you to get to work easily, but also you can stop at the store to pick up dinner or meet friends for a drink at a restaurant. 

Amenities and Entertainment 

Thankfully, the Los Angeles area has no shortage of things to do. The city is full of entertainment, recreational activities, diversity, ethnic cuisine and more. You’re never a long drive to the beach, and if you venture a bit further out, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful parks. Consider the types of things you enjoy doing and how accessible they will be from your home. 

As you consider the best locations to build your custom home in Los Angeles, these are some of the most critical things to think about. Kavin Construction is familiar with this area and can recommend some of the best places to build a new home. Contact us today to discuss your needs for a custom build in LA.