Walk-In Shower Remodel Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom

Bathrooms continue to be one of the most popular rooms to remodel. And for good reason – we spend a lot of time in them, they add significant value to the home and they offer a great return on investment. It’s only natural to create a space that’s relaxing, functional and practical. 

One of the key areas to give attention to is the shower. Many homeowners in Los Angeles are rethinking their walk-in showers to make them bigger, more attractive, more luxurious and easier to maintain. Below are some of our best ideas for creating a gorgeous walk-in shower that will start every morning off right! 

Small Doorless Walk-In Shower 

If you’re working with a small bathroom, consider a doorless shower that will make your bathroom feel more spacious. These showers typically feature a small fixed glass panel or half wall. To waterproof the shower, ceramic tiles are installed over cement board that runs floor to ceiling. Splash guards can also help. Doorless showers are easier to keep clean, too! 

Walk-In Shower and Tub Combination 

Another way to make your bathroom bigger is by knocking down the existing wall between your shower and tub and rerouting the plumbing. This way, you can combine the shower and tub so that they are on one wall. We recommend going with a light, neutral tone to make your bathroom appear larger than it is. 

Stone, Slate or Mosaic Tiles 

If you’re tired of the same old subway tile, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of other materials that hold up well. For example, slate and stone tiles provide a rugged texture without making the walls look too busy. Stone mosaic tiles draw the eye to the shower as soon as you enter. Choose a glass wall for unobstructed views, and a neutral color palette for a warm, spa-like atmosphere.

Barrier Free Walk-In Showers  

Barrier free showers are becoming just as popular as doorless showers. These showers create a seamless entrance into the shower, making them perfect for older people or those with disabilities. The space is then separated by floor-to-ceiling glass panels and other features of your choosing, such as bench seats, oversized shower heads and pebble-insert flooring. Barrier free showers are also elegant and easy to keep clean! 

Recessed Wall Shelves 

Most standard showers can hold a bottle of shampoo and conditioner – and that’s about it. Instead of leaving these essentials on the shower floor, consider upgrading your shower with a built-in wall shelf. These shelves can be built while remodeling your walk-in shower, and you can choose a different color tile for the inside. This way, your shower will look clean and organized, and your bath products will be accessible! 

Spa-Like Walk-In Shower 

Just a few simple touches can turn your bathroom into a relaxing spa that you can’t wait to come home to! When redesigning your walk-in shower, ask your contractor about adding shower seats/benches, a skylight for natural light, rainfall showerheads, doors that swing inward, heated flooring and even the addition of a steam room! 

Kavin Construction offers bathroom remodeling services in Los Angeles. We use high quality materials from trusted brands, and we provide our clients with honest timelines and cost estimates. If you’re looking to transform your bathroom into a personal spa, contact us for an estimate