3 Things Custom Home Builders in L.A. Want You to Know

Building a custom home in Los Angeles is a unique experience that differs from buying a tract home. You will be heavily involved with the custom home builder, approving the layout and picking out furnishings and accents for your home. You may also want to enlist help from an interior designer who can help you make critical design decisions. 

Even though things can get stressful when building a home due to Mother Nature, delays on building materials and more, the end result is worth the wait. You get to choose everything, and you get to be the first person to step foot in your home. Below are three important things that your custom home builder will want you to know before starting this project! 

1. Decision Fatigue is a Real Thing

Decision fatigue is the idea that after making many decisions, your ability to make more decisions in the same time frame becomes difficult. And one instance where decision fatigue is likely to happen is when building a custom home. While it’s nice to be able to pick out everything for your home, you also have to make every decision. 

From the material of your countertops to the color of your hardwood floors to the thickness and color of the grout lines in the tile backsplash, everything needs to be planned ahead of time. This will require you to make many decisions, which can get tiring. To help clients out, many home builders will categorize the options in groups based on price – high, medium and low. 

2. Your Timeline is Subject to Change

The timeline your home builder presents you with is a very rough estimate of how the project will go. Delays are common, especially now with material shortages, supply chain bottlenecks, staffing issues and more. Not to mention, custom homes often include premium materials that take longer to produce and ship. 

Tract homes, on the other hand, use mass-produced and common materials that are readily available. This makes it easier to stay on track with quick completion times. Expect custom designs and premium materials to have longer lead times. 

There’s also the weather to account for. While rain typically isn’t a problem in Los Angeles, Mother Nature can still have an effect. Between humidity, earthquakes and other natural forces, it’s important to plan ahead for delays and be flexible with the timeline. 

3. Be Prepared to Spend on Upgrades 

One of the main reasons why people choose to work with a custom home builder is because they have full control over the style, design and floor plan of their home. This way, they can create a home that is truly unique and conducive to their needs and lifestyle. But be prepared to spend money – building a custom home is not cheap. 

On average, it’s cheaper to buy a house than build one. Building a new home costs an average of $34,000 more than purchasing an existing home, and you can expect these numbers to be higher in our region. Plus, the materials that will be going into your home will be of a premium quality, which means they’ll cost more, too. 

Expect to spend money on upgrades as opposed to standard, builder-grade materials like flooring, carpeting, lighting, plumbing fixtures and appliances. And, you may want to elevate your Los Angeles home with trim on the windows and crown molding on the ceilings. 

Build a Custom Home with Kavin Construction 

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