5 Benefits of Having a Custom Walk-In Closet

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Is getting ready in the mornings a huge chore? If so, it’s important to ask yourself why this is the case. If the issues are related to your closet and its organization – or lack thereof – rest assured that there is a solution to your struggles. A custom walk-in closet can solve your morning headaches and make it easier to get ready on time – and feel confident in your day! 

Too often, people use their closets as dumping grounds for all types of items. Over time, the mess piles up, and people have no idea what’s in their closets! As a result, you could be wasting time looking for things you know you have but can’t find. And, you might be throwing away money because you have to rebuy articles of clothing. 

Let’s cover the benefits of turning your walk-in closet into a functional, organized space. Our clients are always surprised to see how much happier they are once this project is complete! 

Easier Mornings 

The majority of people take between 11 and 30 minutes to get ready. If you have a dog to walk and kids to feed, then every second counts. The last thing you need in the mornings is to be digging through your closet to find clothes and shoes to wear. 

A custom closet will organize your items so that you can get dressed quickly. You can even turn your closet into a dressing room by installing a mirror and hair dryer. This way, you can do everything in one room and save time from having to move from the bathroom to the bedroom to the closet. 

Save Money 

When everything is visible and accessible, you can take full advantage of your wardrobe. As a result, you’ll end up saving money because you won’t be buying items that you already own. We all need odds and ends from time to time, and people often end up rebuying them because they don’t know they have them. But this won’t happen when you have an expertly organized closet. You can keep all of your clothes and accessories in labeled bins, baskets or containers. 

Simplify Your Life 

People are increasingly preferring minimal homes. They enjoy the free space and sense of clarity. But you can’t have a minimal home if your closets are stuffed to the brim with shoes, tops, bottoms, accessories and other clutter. In fact, your closets are a great place to start purging! Once you target these areas, you can branch out to other rooms in the home. Over time, you’ll be creating a fresh and serene living environment. 

Added Home Value 

Custom walk-in closets add value to homes. Potential buyers will be happy that they can move their stuff into an organized closet with shelves, racks, bins and more. Of course, how much value you’ll see depends on the work being done, and the quality of that work. That’s why it’s always recommended to go with a reliable, experienced residential contractor who has experience with custom walk-in closets. 

Secure Valuables 

If you need a safe space to store valuables like jewelry, coins or collectibles, your closet can be a great spot! You can even lock the door to protect your possessions. Some people choose to install safes directly in their closets, while others create ‘secret’ hiding places. However you choose to do it, you’ll feel better knowing that your valuables are well-hidden and protected. 

Start Planning a Custom Closet Today 

Custom closets can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be. It all depends on your wardrobe, your budget and the goals for your closet. Making this investment will bring order to your life, making it easier and more enjoyable to get ready in the mornings. Plus, custom walk-in closets add value and make your home easier to sell. To discuss your plans for a custom closet, contact Kavin Construction today.