6 Popular Kitchen Island Styles to Consider for Your Renovation

Kitchen islands are one of the most commonly requested upgrades in a home renovation. Even homeowners who already have an island in their kitchen usually ask for something bigger and bolder! And we can’t blame them – kitchen islands offer additional seating, storage and workspace. They also serve as the heart of the home – the place where everyone gathers around.

If you’re considering a new or updated island for your kitchen renovation in Los Angeles, here are six popular styles to think about. 

1. U-Shaped Island 

A U-shaped island is perfect for home chefs! It’s the largest type of island, with no shortage of prep space, storage space and seating. You can even house appliances on a U-shaped island such as a stove, sink or dishwasher. These islands are bulky, though, and will close off some of your space. 

2. L-Shaped Island 

An L-shaped island is shaped like an “L” and offers plenty of storage space. It’s a great fit for an open concept layout! Some people choose to eliminate their kitchen table and place bar-style seating on one end of the island. This frees up space without interfering with the kitchen work triangle

3. Curved Island 

Circular islands are shaped like a half moon and most definitely unique! They add an interesting visual dynamic to an otherwise ordinary kitchen and come packed with plenty of prep space. The curved countertops also provide comfortable seating for multiple people. The only downside is that storage space is somewhat limited because of the curved cabinets. 

4. Galley Island 

Galley islands are straightforward because they have clean lines and no corners or curves. Because of this, they can accommodate both small and large spaces. If you have the space, you can widen the island and add bar seating. Otherwise, a narrow galley island will serve a smaller space well. 

5. Double Tiered Island 

A two-tiered design offers one surface at bench height for prepping food and an elevated bar for eating and socializing. We love this design because it offers separation from cooking and eating while also concealing a cluttered workspace. 

6. Angled Kitchen Island 

Angled kitchen islands don’t fit the traditional rectangular or square shape profile. They have unique symmetry while accommodating many seats. Because of the clean, straight lines, angled kitchen islands work well in open, modern spaces. They also offer lots of space and can fit appliances. 

Now that you’re familiar with the most popular kitchen island styles, you can make an informed decision for your kitchen remodel. Contact Kavin Construction to get a free estimate on your kitchen renovation project.