Nostalgic Home Trends that are Back in Style

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Not all vintage styles have made a comeback – but some have! In fact, this year’s biggest design trends have influences from past decades. If you’re looking to do something different with your home, don’t just look at the current trends. Pay attention to the things you used to love in your house as a child – you’ll be able to create a much more personalized space that tells YOUR story! 

Below are some of the nostalgic home trends that are coming back to style in new, refreshing ways. 

Brass Finishes 

Remember when brass was quickly replaced with all things nickel and chrome? Well not anymore. Brass finishes are returning with a bang. They are a warmer alternative to chrome and nickel, and they lend a hand in making a space feel elegant and inviting. 

Whether you’re updating your kitchen or bathroom, consider swapping out your current drawer pulls, faucets, cabinet handles, door hinges, etc. with brass in a brushed or satin finish. You can even mix brass with other metal types for enhanced character and originality. 

Wood Paneling & Shiplap 

Wood paneling was a popular wall treatment in the 1960s and 70s because it added texture and dimension while being relatively low cost. However, it phased out because people thought it made rooms feel dreary and dated. 

Today, more homeowners are choosing to accentuate their walls with wood paneling and shiplap, especially in dens and bedrooms. Choose from warm colors like shades of brown, or modern hues like black, gray and white. You can also install the wood planks in different orientations – horizontal, vertical or diagonal. 

Painted Kitchen Cabinets 

While white cabinets are still popular, there are many other options for kitchen cabinets. In fact, black is the trending color this year! Other colors that are growing in popularity are natural and organic shades of blue, green and yellow. They look amazing with natural wood elements, helping tie together a charming bathroom or kitchen. 

And if you can’t settle on just one color, that’s okay! Mismatched cabinets can draw more attention to your kitchen while making certain features stand out, such as an island. Try pairing a deep blue with gray or a bright white with dark brown. 

Crown Molding 

Because homes have a more modern style to them, crown molding hasn’t been as popular in recent years. However, as homes are adopting more traditional styles, crown molding is coming back. Crown molding is a great way to enhance a traditional or transitional home, and it can even hide imperfections and wires. 

Floral Wallpaper 

You might remember floral wallpaper from back in the day, perhaps when you went to visit your grandparents’ house. Luckily, today’s wallpapers are much simpler and refined, making them a great pick for bathrooms, kitchens and entryways. People love the saturated colors and floral motifs because they’re scenic, decorative and effective at hiding imperfections. 

Do any of these home upgrades sound interesting to you? Contact Kavin Construction to discuss your next home improvement project. With a mix of nostalgic and modern trends, you can create a home that is beautiful and sentimental to you and your family.