Common Bathroom Floor Plans to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodel

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When you remodel your bathroom, you have more options than just picking a new tub or shower. You can also choose the layout of your bathroom. Obviously, a bigger space will give you more options, but you also have some freedom with a smaller bathroom as well. 

Below we’ll cover the most popular floor plans to consider for your bathroom remodeling project in Los Angeles. Working with a good architect or designer will help you find a solution that meets your needs. 

Classic Three-in-a-Row Bathroom 

The three-in-a-row bathroom layout is around 40 square feet (5’ x 8’) and includes a tub/shower against the wall, a toilet and a sink. This is an efficient bathroom that works because the plumbing is all against one wall. Counter space is limited, however.

There’s also a “better” three-in-a-row bathroom that extends and widens the floor plan. There’s still one plumbing wall, but you’ll have the option to add two sinks or more counter space. You can also install a pocket door to the toilet so that two people can use the bathroom at once.

Spacious Opposite Wall Bathroom 

This layout takes up more space, but it’s much more comfortable and versatile. However, the opposite wall bathroom will cost more because there’s more plumbing and overall square footage. There are different variations to choose from, but you can expect the sink (and sometimes the toilet) to be installed across from the tub/shower. You can even squeeze in a linen closet! 

Hotel-Inspired Bathroom 

Hotels found that the standard three-in-a-row bathroom had limited counter space for guests, so they created a layout where the sink and countertop run across the wall, opposite the tub. The toilet is then installed in between. While this layout does offer more counter space, some people don’t like that the toilet is within full view when the door is open. 

Five-Piece Master Bathroom

A powder room can get away with a sink and toilet, but a master bath typically has these fixtures: two sinks, a tub, a shower and a toilet room. The tub and shower may be combined or separate, and the toilet usually runs alongside the sinks. To make a master bathroom efficient and spacious, all you need is an 8’ x12’ space. 

Space-Conscious Square Bathroom

Square bathrooms are especially space conscious and often used for powder rooms or half-baths. But you can also squeeze a corner shower in a square bathroom. So, one corner will have the toilet, one will have the sink and the other will have the shower. The last corner of the bathroom is for the door.  It’s tight – but it gets the job done! 

These are some of the most popular bathroom layouts to consider for your bathroom remodeling project. Small bathrooms may not give you as many options, but they’re more practical and cost-effective to finish. Large bathrooms are more expensive, but you’ll have options for soak-in tubs, dual sinks, linen closets and more. 

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