How to Narrow Down Your Home Renovation Wish List

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When you start planning for a home renovation of any kind, you’ll typically begin by listing out your wants and needs. This helps you focus your time, energy and budget on the right places. But what happens when your renovation wish list is extensive? You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew, so it’s important to start with the most important aspects of your project. 

A qualified residential home contractor in Los Angeles can prepare a thorough and honest estimate that you can use as a resource. In the meantime, here are some of our best tips for narrowing down your home renovation wish list to a more realistic list of must-haves. 

Establish a Budget – What are You Willing to Spend? 

The first step is to establish a reasonable budget. We recommend having a range to devote to your home renovation project, as the prices for materials fluctuate, and there are conditions and challenges that pop up. Having a range allows you to work within two numbers you feel comfortable with. 

If you’re not sure what a reasonable budget is, do some research online. Pay attention to location, as this makes a huge difference. Here in Los Angeles, you’re going to pay more for home renovations than if you lived in another part of the country. Most home renovation projects cost anywhere between $100 and $400+ per square feet. 

Define Your Must-Haves – What Can’t You Live Without? 

Make a list of the things you must have in your home renovation. We tell our clients to take things a step further by dividing them into Must Haves, Like-to-Haves and Wants. This will help you prioritize your musts in case you have to start eliminating things from your budget. 

For example, you may really, really want heated floors in your master bathroom renovation, but you know that you can live without them, too. By putting them on your Like-to-Have list, you can easily add them if your project budget allows. 

Focus on the Rooms You Use Most 

Another great way to narrow down your home renovation list is by focusing on the rooms you use most often. For most families in Los Angeles, the most widely used rooms are the kitchen, living room, master suite and bathroom. Consider your unique lifestyle and where you spend most of your time.

Also be sure to think out in advance, as it’s possible that your life could look very different in a few years. For example, if you have teenagers living with you, they probably don’t need the best of the best because they’ll be at college in a few years. Now may be the time to give attention to a more common space in the home, or treat yourself to a fully renovated master bedroom and bathroom. 

Get Several Estimates from Qualified Contractors 

Finally, you’ll need to obtain several estimates from qualified contractors in your area. Having a detailed list of the things you need and want will help the contractor provide you with the most accurate quote. A custom residential contractor can also help iron out any kinks in your vision. For instance, you may not be able to knock down a load-bearing wall, or there may be electrical or plumbing challenges. 

Kavin Construction is one of the most trusted residential contractors in Los Angeles. With nearly 50 years in the industry, we take pride in providing our clients with exceptional workmanship, high quality materials and qualified contractors. Contact us today for a thorough and accurate estimate on your future home renovation project.