Solid vs Engineered Hardwood Flooring

One of the best parts about a home renovation is picking out the flooring. You have full control over the color, style and material of your flooring – and there are endless options to choose from! Hardwood flooring continues to be one of the most popular flooring choices in Los Angeles, especially for high-end, custom homes. 

Hardwood is elegant and upscale, yet it offers excellent durability, longevity and ease of maintenance. It’s the perfect combination! You have two main choices in this category – solid wood and engineered wood. Understanding the similarities and differences between the two types of hardwood flooring can help you make the best decision for your home renovation. 

Solid Hardwood 

Solid hardwood is often considered the gold standard in flooring because it’s constructed from a single piece of hardwood. It’s known for its durability and timelessness, and it looks beautiful in just about any home! Solid hardwood also has a solid sound when you walk on it – it’s not hollow. 

While solid hardwood is available in different wood species, we recommend oak, maple and hickory because they are hardest and most resistant to wear. These wood species are also available in various colors, textures and widths. 

We also recommend installing solid hardwood in above-ground spaces like living and dining areas. Bathrooms and laundry rooms we typically advise against because they can be warm and humid. For the rest of the home, you can expect solid hardwood floors to last a long time, though you will need some sanding and refinishing at times. 

Engineered Hardwood 

Engineered hardwood has come a long way over the years and mimics the look of solid wood. Unlike solid hardwood that is made from 100% wood, engineered floors have wood on the top and bottom, and a stable core in the middle. The core consists of 5 to 7 layers of pressed plywood

Due to this core, engineered wood is less likely to shift, expand or contract in warm or humid environments. Therefore, this flooring can be installed in basements and kitchens, and sometimes even bathrooms and laundry rooms. 

You’ll also love the fact that you can sand and refinish engineered wood several times, providing the top layer is thick enough. There are plenty of design options to choose from, including various color effects, surface treatments and extra wide planks, but it’s nice to know that you can change the color down the line. 

Find the Best Hardwood Flooring for Your Project 

We’re confident that you will be happy with either solid hardwood or engineered hardwood. It comes down to where you are installing the flooring, the money you want to spend (solid hardwood is more expensive) and how many times you plan to refinish the floors. To discuss the beautiful, USA made hardwood flooring options from Kavin Construction, contact us for a consultation