6 Reasons to Love an Open Floor Plan

Designing a floor plan for your custom home in Los Angeles is a big decision. Your floor plan is something that you can’t change unless you do a remodel. And even then, you might not be able to get the exact floor plan that you want. Some people end up having to build an addition to open up their space and create more room. This is why it’s important to give special attention to your floor plan and how you intend to use your space. 

One of the most popular floor plans in Los Angeles is an open floor plan. It has been the dominant architectural trend since the 1990s. And, many older homes are being remodeled to create an open floor plan, joining the living room, kitchen and dining room into one. If you’re considering an open floor plan for your custom home, here are six reasons to move forward! 

Better Traffic Flow 

A great perk to the open floor plan is that there are no walls to hinder traffic. People can move around freely and talk to others across rooms. This is especially beneficial when you’re entertaining. Plus, your home will feel bigger overall. You won’t be running into corners and walls – you’ll be able to enjoy your space without any restrictions. 

Easier to Entertain 

Entertaining has never been easier in a custom home with an open floor plan. You can easily talk to and serve your guests when cooking meals without having to run from room to room to bring out refreshments. You can socialize with your guests and serve dinner without feeling overcrowded. Your guests will feel more comfortable in a wide open space, too! 

Easier to Watch Kids 

If you have a young family, you’ll appreciate an open floor plan because it allows you to see your kids playing. This way, you can cook meals, set the table and wash the dishes while keeping an eye on the kids. Open floor plans also make it easier to store kids’ toys – set up some colorful bins and you can create a safe and supervised play space. 

Layout Flexibility 

Do you like to switch things up? That won’t be a problem with an open floor plan. You have plenty of freedom to design things the way you want. You’re not restricted to arranging things according to a specific room. For example, you can create one large great room or create separate spaces for a table and couches. 

Grows With You 

Because an open floor plan is flexible, it can meet your changing needs. While the kids are small, you can have a play space or homework space. But as the kids get older, you can set up a formal dining room or home office. Whatever your needs are at the moment, you can arrange your open floor plan to meet them. 

Open, Spacious Feel

Finally, an open layout gives your home a large, spacious feel. You can get plenty of natural light if you opt for floor-to-ceiling windows, giving you the illusion of a much larger space. This especially works well if you are building a two-story home with vaulted ceilings. 

If you’re planning on building a custom home in Los Angeles, contact Kavin Construction. We can help you choose the perfect layout for your home while also considering your needs and budget. Most importantly, we want you to feel good about your home and how you plan to use your space!