What to Spend Money On When Building a Custom Home in Los Angeles

Building a custom home in Los Angeles is one of the biggest investments you can make in a lifetime. Unless you have an unlimited budget, you’ll have to make some decisions on where to spend your money. The basic rule of thumb is to splurge on the more permanent parts of the home because you can’t easily change them down the line. 

Here are some of the areas that we feel are worth investing in because they offer the most long-term benefits. 


In real estate, location is everything. It’s one of the most important aspects for resale and return on investment, and it will influence how you live. How quickly can you get to and from work? What restaurants and retail shopping are nearby? Are there accessible roads and transportation? 

Los Angeles has lots of regions with smaller cities and neighborhoods. When choosing where to build your custom home, you’ll have multiple options to pick from based on your needs. Do you want to be located near a university? Do you want beautiful scenery? Some of the best places to build include Beverly Hills, Encino, Los Feliz and Sherman Oaks. 

Design Services 

Your dream home might not feel that way when you furnish it with old, outdated furniture. Instead, use some of your budget for design services. Professional designers can help you see your space in new ways and make sure that you’re utilizing every inch of space with the right paint colors, furniture and furnishings. 


The kitchen is the heart of the home. No one ever complains about a kitchen that’s too big! This is one of the highlights of having an open floor plan. You can have a massive kitchen with an oversized island that gracefully transitions to a family room with tall ceilings. It’s great for entertaining, plus it makes the home feel open and airy. 

So, don’t be afraid to invest in high quality, custom cabinets, a walk-in pantry, a large island with extra seating and extra counter space to set up a coffee bar or drink station. This is functional space that will never lose its appeal no matter what stage of life you’re in. 

Room Sizes 

If you’re on a limited budget, we recommend holding off on some finishes rather than reducing the size of your rooms, particularly your family room. You can always update your home with new finishes later, but you can’t change the size of the room. 

Give the kids big rooms that they can grow into, overestimate how much space you’ll need for your family room and request generously-sized closets. These are key areas that people spend a lot of time in, so you don’t want to underestimate the amount of space you need, especially if you have a large or active household.

To discuss building a custom home in Los Angeles, contact Kavin Construction today.  We can help you determine how to allocate your budget to get the dream home you’re hoping for!