6 Ideas for Enhancing Curb Appeal in Los Angeles

Want to make people stop and stare when they see the exterior of your home? California has some lovely homes with various architectural styles, so you certainly have some fun angles you can work! By sprucing up your exterior, you can set high expectations for your home, increase property value and see a bigger return when it comes time to sell. 

Aside from the basics – planting climate-appropriate plants, maintaining the lawn and trimming bushes and trees – here are some tips for enhancing the curb appeal of your Los Angeles home. 

1. Install a New Front Door

Part of increasing curb appeal is making your front entrance look warm and inviting. Sure, you can just paint the front door and add new hardware, but a new door changes the entire look of your exterior while offering energy savings. For example, a popular request among our clients has been rustic, barn-style double doors. These doors are elegant and rich in detail and can be customized to your unique needs. 

2. Repair the Driveway

Is your driveway worn and faded? This happens quickly but it’s no excuse to have an unsightly, cracked driveway. Talk to a home contractor in Los Angeles about the various options that would make sense for your home, including asphalt, concrete, stone pavers and brick. There are pros and cons to each material. Even though stone pavers tend to be more maintenance, it’s a popular pick for homeowners. 

3. Put Tile on the Porch

Having a porch is a wonderful asset! You can cozy up this area with wicker couches or chairs and enjoy your morning coffee overlooking the San Gabriel Mountains. Another way to brighten up this space is by adding tile to your plain concrete slab. This will certainly drive attention your way while allowing you to work in a variety of interesting, textural tiles. 

4. Upgrade Your Garage Doors

New garage doors also change the look of your exterior. Homeowners are moving away from the standard white garage doors and upgrading to rustic doors with vintage, steel hardware. It’s a stunning look, especially when complemented by a matching front door. If you like your garage door and it’s in good condition, consider enhancing its look with faux hinges and handles instead. 

5. Redo Your Walkway

The walk to your front door should be delightful, don’t you agree? If the main walkway is broken, cracked or faded, it’s time for a refresh. You can do this step yourself or speak with a home contractor in Los Angeles who specializes in outdoor landscaping. They can help you decide which material is best – flagstone, brick pavers, interlocking concrete, poured concrete, etc. – and give you ideas on how to make your walkway functional and eye-catching. 

6. Purchase New Windows

New windows transform both the inside and outside of the home. They also offer practical benefits like increased safety, security and energy efficiency. Double hung windows are the most popular replacement option because they’re low maintenance, easy to use and stylish. They’re also available in numerous colors and materials like vinyl and wood to give your home the boost it needs. 

Kavin Construction can help your home get the lasting curb appeal it deserves. Contact us today for a free estimate and ideas on how to transform the exterior of your Los Angeles property.