How to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

If you live in a small condo or ranch, your property probably didn’t come with spacious bathrooms. Square footage isn’t cheap in Los Angeles and the surrounding suburbs, so it’s not uncommon to have smaller rooms than you intended. But that shouldn’t stop you from living in luxury!

Here at Kavin Construction, we believe the bathroom should be your personal oasis. It’s not just for showering in the mornings. Your bathroom is a place for relaxation, pampering and self-care. This is why we incorporate features like heated floors, multifunctional showers and relaxing bubble bars into many of our bathroom remodels in Los Angeles.

Below are some ideas for making your small bathroom look and feel bigger. 

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Natural light can make any room look brighter and larger, though people are often hesitant to do this because of privacy concerns. If you do have windows in your bathroom, we recommend a good cleaning and the purchase of top down bottom up shades. These offer excellent light control and privacy. 

Use Clear Glass in the Shower 

Not everyone likes this idea because of the lack of privacy – but hey, that’s what locks are for! Compared to frosted glass, clear glass shower doors reflect light and open up small bathrooms. To add to this seamless look, consider a frameless shower screen as well. 

Install Recessed Shelves 

Building recessed shelves between wall studs is a design feature that is growing in popularity. These shelves free up floor space while providing creative storage solutions for towels, soaps, bubble baths and more. And, because the lines are unbroken, the space looks even larger. 

Choose a Consistent Color Palette 

If your Los Angeles bathroom still has different colors and patterns, it’s time to switch to a light, uniform color. Rather than feeling cluttered and divided, a uniform color makes the room feel open and brighter. Our top recommendations include tones of off-white, blue and green. We also recommend painting the trim a lighter color than your walls. 

Install Tiles Up to the Ceiling

Bringing your tiling all the way up to the ceiling is a designer trick that can make your space feel larger. This can work in any size bathroom, too. The way the tiles are positioned (horizontal or vertical) is based on preference, though we do suggest using larger scaled tiles to make the wall look larger. 

Combine Your Bath and Shower 

Combining your shower and bath is a great way to free up space without getting rid of your bathtub. A shower can be installed over pretty much any tub, but there are certain designs that are easier to work with. The best option is probably to start fresh with a brand new soaking tub and shower. 

These are just some of the ways that you can transform your tiny bathroom into a spacious oasis. To speak with Kavin Construction about your bathroom ideas, contact us today for an estimate. Everything we do is custom, so you can hand select your layout, design, features and accents!