5 Flooring Options for Wine Cellars

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Thinking about building a wine cellar in your Los Angeles home? As more people consider wine as an investment and hobby, wine cellars are increasing in popularity – and not just for the rich. Having a wine cellar prevents wine from spoiling, helps organize your collection and adds a nice touch to your decor. 

One of the most important factors when building a wine cellar is the type of flooring you’re going to install. The floor has to be strong enough to support large amounts of weight, while also being durable and resistant to spills and humidity. Below are the top five flooring options we recommend for wine cellars. 

1. Wood 

Hardwood is probably the most popular choice for wine cellar owners because it’s easy to match to the racking. This creates an elegant, high-end look. If you do choose to install hardwood, make sure that there are no toxic chemicals used to stain and seal the wood. Otherwise, these chemicals can change the taste of your wine. 

2. Tile

Tile is an easy choice for wine cellars because there are endless styles, colors and sizes to choose from. While tile requires more time and labor to install, it’s a long lasting floor that will stand the test of time. Another feature to be happy about is that tile is easy to clean and won’t stain – great for those accidental red wine spills. 

3. Cork

Cork is an eco-friendly option that also provides a bit of shock absorption. It’s inexpensive, strong and able to be installed over existing flooring. Another reason why many wine cellar owners like cork flooring is because it won’t rot or mold. This allows you to install an affordable and comfortable floor that stands the test of time! 

4. Stone 

Stone is another durable flooring option that isn’t prone to staining. It’s also beautiful and timeless. Some of the best options for stone tile include travertine, marble, slate and brick. You can achieve either a contemporary or modern look depending on the type of stone you choose. 

5. Vinyl

If you like the idea of stone or tile, but want something that’s cheaper and easier to install, consider vinyl flooring. This type of floor has come a long way over the years – it can mimic the look of wood, marble or stone. Vinyl flooring is also resistant to moisture and very easy to clean. 

These are some of the most popular flooring options for wine cellars. To discuss your project, contact Kavin Construction today. You’ll love being able to escape from the world and enjoy fine wine with friends, family or just yourself!