Creating the Perfect Wine Cellar for Your Los Angeles Home

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or an accommodating host, having a custom-built wine cellar in your Los Angeles home never disappoints. This is a hot design trend, especially for luxury homes. A quality wine cellar allows you to keep a variety of wines on hand for yourself, your guests and other special occasions. It also adds value to your home.

To create a beautiful, elegant wine cellar, here are some things to discuss with your home contractor in Los Angeles

Start with Your Wine Collection

First thing’s first – consider your wine collection and what type of room will meet your needs. You want to invest in enough space to accommodate your collection along with some room for growth. 

We find that it’s best to account for 25-30 percent growth, as you’ll probably be buying more wine once you have a convenient place to store it all. Also think about the types of wine bottles you purchase. If you buy both small and large wine bottles, you’ll need a universal racking system.

Size Makes a Difference 

At first glance, you may be tempted to build a huge wine cellar that holds all of your wines and then some. But size does make a difference. The bigger the room, the harder it is to control the temperature and humidity. 

Consider the size of your wine collection and what space will give you the climate and temperature control you need. Ideal temperatures are between 45-65 degrees F (55 degrees is perfect) with 50-70 percent humidity. 

Pick the Right Spot 

If you have a lot of space to work with, you may prefer to build a huge wine room. But, Kavin Construction also works with a lot of clients who don’t have a ton of space. Instead, we must work around awkward angles, low ceilings, narrow spaces, stairways, etc. Because everything we do is custom, we can design and build a wine cellar that fits your space, accommodates your collection and blends in with the rest of your decor. 

It’s All in the Details – Add a Personal Touch 

At Kavin Construction, we believe in incorporating materials and items that mean something to you. This gives meaning to your projects and tells a great story. For example, your custom wine cellar might include hardware from a family heirloom, wood from an old piece of furniture or glasses from your parents’ wedding. This also ensures no two cellars look the same! 

Envision a Hidden Wine Room 

One popular trend in Los Angeles is a hidden wine room. With this arrangement, a hidden door is disguised as something like a bookshelf. When you push the shelves, a secret wine cellar emerges. 

People love this concept because it’s private and makes them feel like they’re escaping to somewhere else. You can even flesh out this space with a table and chairs, a sink, a mini fridge and more. It’s truly a hidden gem in your own home! 

Start Building Your Custom Wine Cellar Today 

When you choose Kavin Construction for your custom-built wine cellar, you can do anything you wish! We work closely with our clients to understand their wants, needs and expectations. If you’ve always wanted to build your own wine cellar, we’re the team to get it done to perfection! Contact us today for an estimate.