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A Los Angeles General Contractor You Can Trust

We’ve all heard horror stories of someone who went to a Los Angeles general contractor and didn’t get quite what they paid for. Whether the work was shoddy, not done on schedule, or whatever the problem was, you don’t want that kind of experience from your Los Angeles home builders or home remodeling construction. Los Angeles home builders aren’t created equal.

Kavin Construction has been exceeding homeowner expectations for more than 40 years. There’s a reason we’ve been around so long – we are the Los Angeles home builders who take the extra time and effort to get it right, making sure that you get just what you want. Whether you’re looking for someone to build your dream home or are just looking for the perfect kitchen remodeling contractors, Los Angeles has learned to trust Kavin Construction.

New Home Construction Los Angeles

There has never been a better time to have your dream home built. The economy is starting to slowly climb, property values are starting to go up again – all told, the conditions are just right to start new home construction. Los Angeles home builders Kavin Construction is the perfect residential general contractor (Los Angeles) to put you in the home of your dreams.

When it’s time to build your dream home, you should absolutely do due diligence to find the best Los Angeles general contractor. At Kavin, we encourage you to check us out thoroughly before signing on the dotted line. Let us show you our new home construction. Los Angeles’ most beautiful new homes have something in common – many of them were built by Kavin Construction.

Bathroom, Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Los Angeles Trusts

Maybe you’re not looking for a brand new house. You love the home you live in… you’d just like to love certain parts of it a little more. At Kavin Construction, we can help you with that, too.  Whatever needs you have for home remodeling construction, Los Angeles’ own Kavin Construction can get the job done. When only the best quality craftsmanship will do, but you still want the job done for a fair price, call Kavin Construction. We handle bathroom, kitchen and all other remodeling and addition projects on top of being the premier Los Angeles home builders.

Why Would You Choose Kavin Construction For Construction Contractor, Los Angeles?

So, why choose Kavin Construction? We’re not always the cheapest, but we are committed to excellence, every step of the way. Choose Kavin Construction if you want a fair price for the best construction contractor Los Angeles has to offer.

You don’t stay in business 40 years in L.A. if you don’t provide superior work and service. Ask around. You’ll find lots of horror stories about Los Angeles home builders, but you’ll also find that those who chose Kavin Construction tell a very different story.  They’ll tell you that Kavin Construction is a residential general contractor that you can trust, the best Los Angeles home builders for new home construction. Los Angeles will also tell you that Kavin Construction is who to call when you need a remodeling contractor. Los Angeles has kept us busy for 40 years because we’ve kept Los Angeles happy with our superior workmanship and service.

A Los Angeles General Contractor Can Help You Find Your Dream Home

Chances are, you’ve watched the hit HGTV show ‘Love It Or List It.’ In case you haven’t, the show offers participants the chance to experience the best of both worlds, in a sense. They work with a residential general contractor who remodels the home they’re living in, doing what can be done to turn it into their dream home, while also working with a real estate agent to see if they can find another home they like better. Unfortunately, ‘Love It Or List It’ doesn’t offer its participants the third option. It’s the best option, really, if they’re truly looking to build their dream home. We’re talking, of course, about hiring a residential general contractor to work with the homeowners from the ground up, designing and building a house that truly is their dream home.

A Residential General Contractor in Los Angeles can Remodel Your Home to Make it the Home of Your Dreams

What would it take to make the home you’re living in now into your dream home? Could it be done? Contact a remodeling contractor. Los Angeles has lots of them, of course, but you’ll want to make sure you do business with the best.  Always ask to see samples of previous home remodeling construction. Los Angeles’ better contractors will be able to show you plenty of examples, and will also provide contact information for satisfied customers as referrals.  Whether you’re looking to have an addition built onto your home, want to re-do the bathrooms or just need to work with kitchen remodeling contractors, Los Angeles home builders who specialize in remodeling can help your home to be all it can be. They may even be able to transform it into a dream home that you’ll never want to sell.

Los Angeles Home Builders Can Build You the Home of Your Dreams

Maybe your current home just doesn’t have the potential to be the home of your dreams. Whether it’s in the wrong neighborhood, on too small of a lot, or just structurally not quite what you’re looking for, there are times when it’s better to start over.  If you’re a fan of ‘Love It Or List It,’ you probably think your best step is to call a real estate agent and look for a new home. Wrong. If you watch the show carefully, you’ll find that very seldom do participants truly find their dream home. Buying a previously built home almost always involves some give and take, deciding which features you absolutely must have and which you are willing to sacrifice. You don’t have to do that. Los Angeles home builders can help you get the home of your dreams. You have near total control of the features you want – and don’t want – because it’s new home construction. Los Angeles home builders will build it the way you want it. Kavin Construction is the premier Los Angeles general contractor. Kavin provides a wide range of construction services, ranging from top-notch remodeling to new home construction. Los Angeles homeowners trust Kavin Construction for a good reason – they have a proven track record as the best Los Angeles home builders and remodeling contractors.

Tips for Remodeling Your Master Bathroom

Once upon a time you had to make an appointment and travel to a day spa in order to get a little personal indulgence. That concept has steadily made its way into the home through modern bathroom remodeling and renovation. Now, for many Los Angeles homeowners and others throughout southern California, the master bath is limited only by budget and imagination where remodels are concerned.

With a creative general contractor, you can get a bit of luxury into virtually any design.

Hitting a Barrier in Style

Trying to decide on the overall look of a bathroom can be a difficult task for homeowners, but it’s ok to take inspiration from elsewhere and adapt it to your personal tastes. Visiting decorator show houses, bathroom showrooms and even looking at the portfolio of general contractors can help you get style ideas for your own luxury bathroom remodel. Even cutting out pictures from remodeling magazines can be very helpful and productive.

Choosing Materials for the Master Bathroom

Unlike the simplicity of a half-bath or powder room, the master bathroom has no limits for a Los Angeles homeowner. No material is too luxurious or too unusual. A lot of homeowners want to go over the top, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. “over the top” means different things to different people; it could be something as simple as splurging on granite countertops in their bathroom or adding multiple showerheads.

Shower or Bath – Which is Best in a Master Bathroom Remodel?

This is one point that has undergone a lot of changes in the last 10 years. Large Jacuzzi and garden tubs were once popular in bathroom remodeling, but now homeowners are switching to custom showers that include overhead and wall-mounted showerheads, hand-held shower wands, tiles, body sprayers and even rain bars or steam showers.

Chalk it up to busy lifestyles, but people spend less time in the tub now. That’s OK, because there are so many ways you can have a general contractor in Los Angeles customize your shower, plus you can get the benefit of an attractive tub/shower combo without using up as much space.

Considering a Universal Bathroom Remodel

Many master bathrooms are now moving toward a more universal design. The concept behind this type of renovation is to create a bathroom space that can be used comfortably by everyone. This includes wider doorways, easy access for children, showers with no raised lip at the entry, larger shower doors, showers with no raised lip at the entry, larger shower doors, more space around fixtures and even grab bars with aesthetically pleasing designs.

While this type of design was once considered to be more commercial/industrial, innovative designs and general contractors have found ways to make these items blend seamlessly into even the most extravagant and luxurious bathrooms in southern California.

Lighting Tips for your Bathroom Remodel

Lighting is crucial not only in how your bathroom functions but also in how it looks and the level of comfort you experience there. Whether you work with a general contractor to build a new home or you’re doing some bathroom remodeling to change the look of your home, your bathroom should be designed to reflect your personal style – including your preferences in lighting.

Layered lighting in the bathroom is one of the best ways to achieve the right balance in comfort and functional light, utilizing a few different lighting methods that overlap.

Task Lighting

Task lighting in a bathroom remodel provides light specific to grooming around a vanity. This is typically done with lighting around the mirror with a pair of fixtures mounted next to or above the sink/vanity. The most common is side by side lighting that provides cross illumination to eliminate shadows on the face.

Ambient Lighting

This type of lighting is added in bathroom remodels where a softer light is desired. It’s achieved by bouncing light off the ceiling to soften shadows and creates a flattering effect on your bathroom space.

Accent Lights

Accent lights added during a bathroom remodel or intended to bring out depth and dimension in a bathroom. As its name implies, the light is less functional and more about accenting design features in a custom bathroom. This could include statues, plants, architectural elements, art, etc.

Decorative Lighting

With a bathroom remodel, a simple decorative light such as eye-catching fixtures hanging from the ceiling can really dress up your new bathroom. You can add a layer of luxury and comfort at the cost of a single light fixture.

Wattage Tips

If you’re installing new lighting during your bathroom remodel, aim for a minimum of 150 watts to light your vanity. This gives you the greatest reduction in shadow and it’s always safer to err on the side of too much light. If you find that the amount of light is overwhelming you can easily install a dimmer or move to lower wattage bulbs. It’s always easier to reduce the wattage of the fixture rather than figure out how to increase the light once a fixture is in place.

Lighting the Extra Bathroom

While people typically focus on the master bath during a bathroom remodel, many homes have an extra half-bath on the main level of the home – or powder room. While this space is small, it tends to get the majority of traffic from family and guests. For this reason, make it part of the remodel in your Los Angeles home. A few decorative items and new lighting can dramatically contribute to the overall effect of this condensed space. Even making it feel roomier, comfortable, and far more inviting.

Tips for Tackling a Kitchen Remodel in Los Angeles

Making over a kitchen remains one of the most popular remodel ideas for homeowners Los Angeles, CA. People tend to want a space in the home that is warm, stylish and comfortable to work in – what better place than the heart of the home? But kitchen remodeling isn’t just about improving the way things look – it’s about adding function, organization and above all else… resale value.

Planning for the Best Kitchen Remodel

On average, most kitchens are around 300 square feet and have grown to become part of a more open floor plan. Some of the trends we see in Los Angeles tend to focus on simplicity, reduction of clutter, natural materials and especially energy efficiency.

If you’re planning your own kitchen remodel and want to work with a Los Angeles remodeling contractor, here are some things to consider before moving forward.

How is the Kitchen Used?

Since your kitchen should be comfortable, and work to make your job easier, think about how you would like to use your kitchen space. Do you prefer to cook alone; do you want to entertain while you cook, will family be dining in the kitchen; are children going to do homework in a dining area where you can oversee their efforts while cooking?

Look through design magazines and popular kitchen designs to see what would fit into your current space as well as what appeals to how you’ll use the kitchen. Also, consider the things you dislike about your current kitchen. If you’re constantly crouching and crawling into the back of your cabinets to retrieves pots, pans and dishes then that’s something you’ll want to really address with your kitchen remodel.

Make Kitchen Storage Work for You

When you buy a house, you have to make your life fit into the design of that home. With a kitchen remodel, you now have the chance to take stock of all the items you have to store and access in your kitchen. This will help you purchase storage solutions or get custom cabinets designed that meet and exceed your storage needs.

Keep Efficiency in Mind

If you feel like you’re running an obstacle course in your kitchen then it’s probably time to change up the placement of appliances and the countertops where you work. Most kitchens are designed with some kind of work triangle in mind, but that triangle can vary. Work with a Los Angeles general contractor to go over multiple designs between the Work Triangle and the Work Station layout to see which offers the most efficiency for how you work in the kitchen.

Know Your Budget for Los Angeles Kitchen Remodels

With any kitchen remodel you’ll have to make decisions on where to save and where to splurge. Once you create a budget for your kitchen based on research and what you want to see, stick to it. Appliances can range from a few hundred to a few thousands so it’s extremely easy to blow your budget and splurge in the wrong areas. A knowledgeable general contractor can help you make informed decisions about what should go into your newly remodeled kitchen.