Los Angeles General Contractors Short on Qualified Help

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The construction industry has seen a boost in jobs over the past few months, with trade unemployment declining to 7.7 percent in August of 2014. However, the influx of new construction jobs has also created a new dilemma for clients, according to a recent release from the Associated General Contractors of America.

Construction Industry Growth

Industry growth is good, and lower unemployment rates are always a welcome change, but this fast growth in recent months has many general contractors scrambling to find qualified workers. “These job numbers, along with data this week on construction spending in July and reports from the Federal Reserve and the Institute of Supply Management, point to continued recovery by the construction sector,” Ken Simonson, the association’s chief economist commented. “However, the fact that the number of unemployed experienced construction workers is now at the lowest August level since 2007 means more contractors may soon have trouble filling key positions.”

Problems Revealed

The problem lies in inconsistent training and inexperience as newly trained workers flock to the field. This influx is necessary to keep up with industry growth, but is difficult for general contractors to deal with in such large numbers. usually, incorporating a small number of new graduates is best, so each new worker can receive adequate on-the-job training and supervision. Learning to fit into an established work crew is part of the training, and it is the responsibility of the general contractor to oversee this training and maintain a working balance of responsibilities within the crew. Placing too many inexperienced crew members together can create chaos and place extra burdens on the seasoned members of the crew, resulting in poorer job performance and worker dissatisfaction.

Better Training Needed

Trade programs that incorporate a practicum or internship are preferred since these trainees would then enter the workforce with more real-world experience without placing undue stress on the hiring company. As with other skilled trades, the experience truly is the best indicator of an employee’s worth in most circumstances. Experienced construction workers not only have better skills, they often require less instruction and assistance for normal workday tasks. they are more likely to have fewer on the job injuries and work better as a cohesive team on the job site.

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