Lighting Tips for your Bathroom Remodel

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Lighting is crucial not only in how your bathroom functions but also in how it looks and the level of comfort you experience there. Whether you work with a general contractor to build a new home or you’re doing some bathroom remodeling to change the look of your home, your bathroom should be designed to reflect your personal style – including your preferences in lighting.

Layered lighting in the bathroom is one of the best ways to achieve the right balance in comfort and functional light, utilizing a few different lighting methods that overlap.

Task Lighting

Task lighting in a bathroom remodel provides light specific to grooming around a vanity. This is typically done with lighting around the mirror with a pair of fixtures mounted next to or above the sink/vanity. The most common is side by side lighting that provides cross illumination to eliminate shadows on the face.

Ambient Lighting

This type of lighting is added in bathroom remodels where a softer light is desired. It’s achieved by bouncing light off the ceiling to soften shadows and creates a flattering effect on your bathroom space.

Accent Lights

Accent lights added during a bathroom remodel or intended to bring out depth and dimension in a bathroom. As its name implies, the light is less functional and more about accenting design features in a custom bathroom. This could include statues, plants, architectural elements, art, etc.

Decorative Lighting

With a bathroom remodel, a simple decorative light such as eye-catching fixtures hanging from the ceiling can really dress up your new bathroom. You can add a layer of luxury and comfort at the cost of a single light fixture.

Wattage Tips

If you’re installing new lighting during your bathroom remodel, aim for a minimum of 150 watts to light your vanity. This gives you the greatest reduction in shadow and it’s always safer to err on the side of too much light. If you find that the amount of light is overwhelming you can easily install a dimmer or move to lower wattage bulbs. It’s always easier to reduce the wattage of the fixture rather than figure out how to increase the light once a fixture is in place.

Lighting the Extra Bathroom

While people typically focus on the master bath during a bathroom remodel, many homes have an extra half-bath on the main level of the home – or powder room. While this space is small, it tends to get the majority of traffic from family and guests. For this reason, make it part of the remodel in your Los Angeles home. A few decorative items and new lighting can dramatically contribute to the overall effect of this condensed space. Even making it feel roomier, comfortable, and far more inviting.