Tips for Tackling a Kitchen Remodel in Los Angeles

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Making over a kitchen remains one of the most popular remodel ideas for homeowners Los Angeles, CA. People tend to want a space in the home that is warm, stylish and comfortable to work in – what better place than the heart of the home? But kitchen remodeling isn’t just about improving the way things look – it’s about adding function, organization and above all else… resale value.

Planning for the Best Kitchen Remodel

On average, most kitchens are around 300 square feet and have grown to become part of a more open floor plan. Some of the trends we see in Los Angeles tend to focus on simplicity, reduction of clutter, natural materials and especially energy efficiency.

If you’re planning your own kitchen remodel and want to work with a Los Angeles remodeling contractor, here are some things to consider before moving forward.

How is the Kitchen Used?

Since your kitchen should be comfortable, and work to make your job easier, think about how you would like to use your kitchen space. Do you prefer to cook alone; do you want to entertain while you cook, will family be dining in the kitchen; are children going to do homework in a dining area where you can oversee their efforts while cooking?

Look through design magazines and popular kitchen designs to see what would fit into your current space as well as what appeals to how you’ll use the kitchen. Also, consider the things you dislike about your current kitchen. If you’re constantly crouching and crawling into the back of your cabinets to retrieves pots, pans and dishes then that’s something you’ll want to really address with your kitchen remodel.

Make Kitchen Storage Work for You

When you buy a house, you have to make your life fit into the design of that home. With a kitchen remodel, you now have the chance to take stock of all the items you have to store and access in your kitchen. This will help you purchase storage solutions or get custom cabinets designed that meet and exceed your storage needs.

Keep Efficiency in Mind

If you feel like you’re running an obstacle course in your kitchen then it’s probably time to change up the placement of appliances and the countertops where you work. Most kitchens are designed with some kind of work triangle in mind, but that triangle can vary. Work with a Los Angeles general contractor to go over multiple designs between the Work Triangle and the Work Station layout to see which offers the most efficiency for how you work in the kitchen.

Know Your Budget for Los Angeles Kitchen Remodels

With any kitchen remodel you’ll have to make decisions on where to save and where to splurge. Once you create a budget for your kitchen based on research and what you want to see, stick to it. Appliances can range from a few hundred to a few thousands so it’s extremely easy to blow your budget and splurge in the wrong areas. A knowledgeable general contractor can help you make informed decisions about what should go into your newly remodeled kitchen.