Benefits of Working with a Los Angeles General Contractor

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Benefit #1 – They Have an Eye for Quality

A general contractor has eyes like a hawk, and a good contractor knows the value of quality work – they can spot it a mile away. For this reason, they develop a strong respect and appreciation for subcontractors that deliver upper-deck quality on a consistent basis. As such, they’ll continue to work with those subcontractors.

From time to time they may work with subcontractor they’re unfamiliar with, particular when a job calls for specialty work. Even in these situations the contractor will maintain the eye for quality. The sub-contractor also realizes that if he does the best work, he may be added to Kavin Construction’s permanent team of professionals.

If an issue pops up where craftsmanship & quality are an issue then they tend to tackle it immediately.

If you try to manage the process on your own, overseeing multiple contractors without any knowledge of the work they’re doing, there’s no real way for you to make sure that the work is done properly without paying for additional inspections.

Benefit #2 – Better Rates with a General Contractor

If you try to manage a full scale remodel on your own, juggling multiple contractors from start to finish, you could wind up paying more than with a general contractor. When a sub-contractor fails to perform for an individual, he moves on. When a sub-contractor fails a successful General Contractor, he risks losing years of work.

This is primarily because a general contractor can often negotiate more appropriate rates with subcontractors. In many cases a subcontractor is willing to take a lower rate from certain general contractors because they know that repeat work can come through that same channel at a later date.

If they offer quality work at a competitive rate, they’ll get more business later.

If you work with a specialist, they can directly charge you whatever they like to get the job done.

When you’re working with a tight budget (which is the case on most remodeling projects) that little bit you save by working with a general contractor can make a big difference.

General contractors around Los Angeles also gain the benefit of discounts on materials and supplies, tool & equipment rental, etc. due to the frequency of business. The savings in materials (often the bulk of the expenses next to the labor) also reduce the overall price of a remodeling project in your home.

Taking another step back, if you were to try and manage the project on your own you could expect to pay as much as 20% more by the time your remodel is complete.

That can include things like time wasted in communication between contractors, coordination, and trying to juggle the project around your own schedule.

Benefit #3 – Get Rid of Costly Errors

Handling a construction or home remodeling project in Los Angeles can be exciting and fun, especially when it goes off without a hitch. It gives a homeowner a sense of accomplishment to look upon newly finished work.

If you have the experience and the tools to tackle a project around your home then you should give it everything you’ve got. Sometimes you just don’t need a contractor managing the show.

If you do it alone however you have to consider that mistakes are bound to occur and you need think about how those mistakes are handled.

Not to mention the cost.

Mistakes in any remodel can be costly depending on the materials that are wasted or ruined. This can really hurt you if you’re remodeling on a tight budget.

Broken tools, improper measurements, damaged or broken materials, breaking existing materials in the home (broken pipes, pulling the wrong electrical, etc.) can lead to big expenses.

These may be uncommon occurrences but the fact remains that they can and do happen.

If this happens to you with a general contractor on board at least you can rest assured that the cost of replacement for materials or damage to your existing structure/home will be covered by the general contractor or subcontractor performing the work.

It doesn’t come out of your pocket.

That’s the benefit of hiring a licensed, bonded and insured general contractor in Los Angeles. You’re making sure that your remodel project will be handled in the most efficient, cost effective, and safest way possible.