Rocky Eversman

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“For six years I suffered the tortures of the damned because of bad contractors until Kavin Construction came to my rescue to finish an entire remodeling of my home. In effect Kavin Construction saved my life because of the almost unendurable nature of what I had experienced up until this point with the building trade. Kavin Construction is not just your typical construction company, this is a company whose sole dedication and commitment is to trust, service and excellence.

Some of the highlights of what I experienced were:

1. People from top to bottom who are among the best I have ever dealt with in any company, any trade, in any business.
2. Total supervision; I had a foreman, supervisor and owner all overseeing my project.
3. A bi-monthly bill that was so comprehensive and detailed in nature that I knew every moment where every cent had been spent and how, with copies of everything pertaining to my job included.
4. An attention to detail like no other and an understanding how important ‘attention to detail’ is to any job and client.
5. The highest punctuality, politeness, friendliness and respect.
6. The highest craftsmanship in every manner.
7. A complete feeling of trust from first minute to last.

I feel so strongly about Kavin Construction that I welcome and encourage anyone to call the office of Kavin Construction for my phone number so that I may speak to them in person to give them a more detailed account of just what I experienced.”

Rocky Eversman
Complete Condo Remodel