How Swimming Pools Increase Property Value in Los Angeles

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Homes with swimming pools typically sell faster when you’re in the right market, such as here in California where the weather is warm and the sun shines year-round. However, there are still other factors to consider when making this investment. For instance, how will you and your family use the pool? Are you ready to take on the extra maintenance? Even though there are pool cleaning companies that can do the majority of the work for you, some maintenance will still be required on your part. 

Let’s learn more about how much value swimming pools bring to homes in Los Angeles so that you have a general idea of what this upgrade can do for you in the future. 

Pools Add Value in the Right Areas 

Research shows that in areas that have warm weather most of the year, pools add value. How much value depends on many factors, such as the specific location, the preferences of buyers, neighborhood norms and the land and pool itself. In areas that have a mix of warm and cold weather, pools drop value. Many buyers feel that it’s not worth paying more for something they’ll only use a few months out of the year. 

Here in Los Angeles, it’s estimated that having a swimming pool increases a home’s value by $95,000! Even in January when it’s typically the coldest, daytime temperatures can still be in the 60s, allowing people to enjoy their pools year-round. Swimming pools are also more appealing to Los Angeles residents because they don’t have to deal with opening and closing their pools, which adds a lot of work. 

Beyond Increased Property Value: The Enjoyment of Owning a Pool

Of course, there is far more to enjoy with an inground swimming pool than increased property value. Pools bring a ton of fun and excitement to a home regardless of your age. 

Here at Kavin Construction, we receive all types of requests for swimming pools. An older couple may request a lap pool or a swimming pool with a conjoined hot tub for working out and relaxing sore muscles. A family with young kids may prefer a large swimming pool with a built-in basketball hoop, water slide and zero-depth entry. 

Swimming pools can also add visual appeal to a backyard space, especially when combined with relaxing waterfalls, soft lighting and hardscape features. In fact, studies show that living in a place with water views can be an effective stress reliever. If you can’t live right off the beach, looking out at a peaceful, relaxing swimming pool is the next best thing! And, it’s all yours to enjoy when you want, how you want. 

Can You Afford to Install a Swimming Pool in Los Angeles? 

Many homeowners assume they can’t afford a swimming pool, but there are ways to make it a more attainable project. Kavin Construction works with all types of budgets, and we’ll help you get the most for your money. With home values increasing, you may be able to do a cash-out refinance on your home or take out a home equity loan. There are also personal loans or credit cards that you can use to finance your pool investment. 

Also, keep in mind that there are several ways you can save when building your pool. For example, bigger is not always better. A thin lap pool cuts down on width yet still allows you to use your pool for what you intended. Even a pool for a family can be cut down in size. Surely the kids will agree that a smaller pool is better than no pool at all! Also, be mindful of the features you add. While things like fountains and waterfalls look great, they aren’t necessary and can even be added at a later date. 

Are you ready to install an inground swimming pool for you and your family to enjoy? Contact Kavin Construction for a free consultation. We’ll work with your budget to determine what type of pool you can have, enhancing your property value and your lifestyle!