How to Choose the Best Cabinets for Your Kitchen Remodel

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Selecting the right cabinets is an important decision in any kitchen remodeling project. Not only do cabinets serve as functional storage solutions, but they also significantly impact the overall aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen space. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you choose the best cabinets for your kitchen remodel.

Assess Your Needs and Style

Consider your storage needs, cooking habits and kitchen workflow. Determine if you require more drawers, shelves or specialized storage solutions. Also decide on the design aesthetic that suits your taste, such as modern, traditional or farmhouse.

While in-stock cabinets are ready to order and cost less, custom cabinets give you far more options for personalization. For example, if you have a small kitchen, you can opt for a pull-out pantry or roll-out trays. You can also choose cabinets with built-in storage for pots and pans, garbage cans, cooking spices and wine bottles. 

Consider Cabinet Construction and Material

Choose high-quality materials that withstand daily use such as maple, oak, cherry or engineered woods. Also look for sturdy construction, such as dovetail joints, solid wood frames and quality hardware. 

When you choose premium materials and construction, you can expect your cabinets to last for several decades or more! They are one of the longest standing components in the kitchen. Other features to look for include soft-close hinges and full-extension drawers. These features are convenient and will make your cabinets easier to use. 

Explore Cabinet Types and Layouts

The main cabinet types include stock, semi-custom and custom cabinets. Stock cabinets are manufactured according to standard measurements, materials and styles. They are also cost-effective. 

Custom and semi-custom cabinets are made for your space specifically. They tend to be higher in quality, as they’re made with premium materials and built to your exact specifications. 

Determine what cabinet configurations you want as well, as this might influence the type of cabinets you can order. If you go with custom cabinets, you can pick cabinets of any width or height, and you can add things like corner cabinets or pull-out organizers to maximize efficiency. 

Focus on Functionality and Features

As mentioned above, there are plenty of storage solutions that today’s cabinets come with. Look for innovative storage options such as pull-out racks, lazy Susans, deep drawers or vertical dividers to optimize storage and accessibility. This will all help keep your kitchen organized and clean. 

Also, select hardware that complements the cabinet style. A popular option is clean white cabinets with black or dark bronze hardware. Gold bronze hardware was popular in 2023 and will continue to emerge in 2024. It can be anything from brushed golden brass to champagne bronze to rose gold. 

Set a Realistic Budget

Establish a budget range for your cabinets and consider both the cost of the cabinets themselves and installation fees. Be practical about what you want to spend, as the cabinets are the largest cost when remodeling a kitchen – even more than appliances! However, you don’t want to skimp on the quality and look of your cabinets. You’ll have to replace your appliances many times before you’ll have to replace your cabinets. 

Seek Professional Guidance and Samples

Consult with designers or cabinet professionals who can offer advice on layout, materials and styles that suit your kitchen space and needs. Many offer free in-home consultations or have showrooms available, so make sure to use them. If you can, obtain cabinet samples to see what the cabinets will look like in your home, against your paint colors, flooring and appliances. 

Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Los Angeles

Choosing the ideal cabinets for your kitchen remodel involves a thoughtful consideration of functionality, style, material quality, layout, features and budget. By following the tips above, you can make informed decisions that will elevate your kitchen’s aesthetics and efficiency. 

Remember, investing time and effort into selecting the right cabinets contributes significantly to the success and satisfaction of your kitchen remodeling project. To discuss your upcoming kitchen remodel project, contact Kavin Construction for an in-home consultation.