Building Up vs Moving Out: 4 Reasons to Build a Home Addition

When you realize that your Los Angeles home no longer fits your needs, you have a couple of options. You can move to a new home, add onto your current layout or try to make things work. If you love your neighborhood, your schools and your location, you’re a good candidate for a home addition. Not only do you get to stay put but also you can avoid the hassle of selling your home. 

Of course, home additions aren’t without headache. They’re loud, disruptive and can be just as expensive as moving. You’ll need to consider all of the pros and cons to building up or moving out to determine the best route for your family. And if there are specific features you want to see in your next home, you may find that building a custom home is the best solution. 

Let’s dig into the many reasons why you should consider a home remodel in Los Angeles

  1. Plan your addition to your exact specifications. 

Unless you have the money to build a custom home, you’re at the mercy of what’s available on the market. It’s possible that you still won’t find what you’re looking for, especially if you have specific wants like a wine cellar or movie theater. With a home addition, you can pick and choose everything you want. The only limits are your budget and imagination. 

  1. Avoid the cost and headache of selling your home. 

Moving is one of the most stressful life events – and for good reason. You have to hire a realtor and then clean, organize and stage your home before listing it to the MLS. Once you have buyers, there’s a lot of work to be done – an inspection, appraisal, negotiations and bank financing. When this is done, you’ll have to do the physical work of moving. A home remodel might be noisy and disruptive at times, but most people agree it’s still easier than moving. 

  1. Use your home’s equity to pay for the remodel. 

Home additions are an investment, but they can be easier to pay for than you think. For instance, some of our clients use the equity they have in their homes to pay for their home remodeling project. Home equity loans typically carry fixed interest rates and are tax deductible. You can also get all the money you need to pay for your project in one lump sum. 

  1. Love your neighborhood? You don’t have to leave it. 

If you can’t imagine yourself leaving your neighborhood or community, you won’t have to with a home addition. In fact, this is one of the biggest motivations for doing a remodel over moving. Whether you have friends or family nearby, you want to keep your kids at the same schools or you can’t imagine yourself living anywhere else, a home addition prevents you from having to make this change.

The best way to ensure your home remodel goes smoothly is by hiring a seasoned home remodeling company in Los Angeles. Kavin Construction has over 45 years of experience in custom building and remodeling. We look forward to making your home beautiful and functional again!