Venetian Plaster is Making a Comeback – and It’s Better Than Ever!

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Venetian plaster originated in Venice, Italy in an effort to mimic natural stone surfaces inside of buildings. Artisans would blend lime plaster with marble dust and pigments to create the plaster, and then apply it to walls in short, overlapping strokes. Professional painters still use this method today. 

While Venetian plaster was once popular, it’s making a comeback. There has been a resurgence in plaster in general, and advancements in lime plaster have made it easier to use. If you’re looking to add a rocky or earthy texture to your interior walls, Venetian plaster is a great choice! Let’s learn more about this finish and why it will make a great addition to your Los Angeles home. 

What is Venetian Plaster, Exactly? 

Venetian plaster is a general term that refers to limestone and water mixed together. When it’s applied to walls, it’s exposed to carbon dioxide in the air and turns back into limestone. While it’s making a rebound in terms of trends, Venetian plaster is already known to stand the test of time. This is the same stuff that our ancestors used centuries ago! 

The difference between Venetian plaster and other plasters is that there are no aggregates mixed in, such as marble, glass or granite. Therefore, Venetian plaster offers a similar look but without the texture and thickness as other plasters. The end result of Venetian plaster is a soft, subtle look of layers and earthy tones. The most popular colors include white, beige, brown and black. 

What are the Benefits of Venetian Plaster? 

There are a number of reasons why you might want to choose Venetian plaster for your home remodel in Los Angeles

  • Wide variety of stunning finishes 

  • Durable and long-lasting 

  • Versatile – can be applied to almost any flat surface

  • Environmentally friendly – there are no VOCs

  • Prevents mold and mildew growth 

  • Low maintenance 

  • Incorporates various colors, finishes and designs 

Today’s Plasters are More Forgiving 

Whether you have an expensive beach villa or a busy household with kids, Venetian plaster will hold up well. The new products are low maintenance, durable and forgiving. Years ago, you would have had to repaint the whole wall if there was a scuff or blemish, but today, this is not the case. 

Modern plasters can be easily repaired in patches and blended in with the rest of the wall. Fortunately, you might not even get to this point, as most minor imperfections can be removed with water and mild detergent. This is especially true for Venetian plaster, as it doesn’t have any aggregates. 

If you’re tired of having flat, painted walls, it’s worth considering Venetian plaster. It will provide the interior of your home with texture, depth and movement. Schedule a consultation with Kavin Construction to learn more about hand-finished Venetian plaster for your home.