Embrace Multigenerational Living with an In-Law Suite

It’s becoming increasingly common for multiple generations to live under one roof. According to the Pew Research Center, a record 64 million Americans live in multigenerational households

Due to the rise in families living together, in-law suites have also grown in popularity. These small, apartment-like spaces are typically equipped with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and separate entrance, keeping extended family close – but not too close. 

There are many benefits to living in a multigenerational household. Adult children can more easily take care of their parents and bring them to doctor appointments. Parents can also downsize and avoid the responsibilities of taking care of a home. Plus, they can save money and truly enjoy their retirement while also being close to their grandkids. 

If you’re looking to accommodate your aging parents, an in-law suite can be a great solution. Everyone has their own space and privacy, yet no one is too far. Here’s everything you need to know about adding an in-law suite to your property.

What is Included with an In-Law Suite? 

In-law suites vary depending on your needs and budget. Some have high-end furnishings, fixtures and appliances while others are more streamlined. Many in-law suites attach to the home but have a private entrance, while others simply have a door for privacy. 

Some of the rooms that may be included with an in-law suite are: 

  • Bedroom(s)
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Office 
  • Storage area 

Where Can I Build an In-Law Suite? 

In-law suites can be built in many parts of the home, including the attic or a converted garage. An increasingly popular way to add an in-law suite in Los Angeles is by building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). These units are an affordable way to extend the space of your home without having to pay for additional land. However, you will need to account for plumbing, electricity, water and HVAC needs. 

What are the Benefits of an In-Law Suite? 

In addition to the extra space that in-law suites provide, you can also enjoy the following: 

  • Affordable housing. For those who are on a fixed income, an in-law suite is an affordable living option. The average cost of assisted living in California is over $5,000 a month. 
  • Increased home value. With fewer homes on the market, the ones being listed are receiving higher offers. In-law suites are often sought-after features in homes, potentially bringing you a significant return. 
  • Rent opportunities. If your parents eventually need skilled care, you can rent out the in-law suite and generate passive income. Or, the extra space can be used for your own children one day, such as when they’re in college or saving for a house or wedding. 

Start Planning Your In-Law Suite Today 

If you are ready to build an in-law suite that will accommodate multigenerational living, contact Kavin Construction today. We bring the highest level of craftsmanship, and we’ll make sure that your in-law suite is beautiful, functional and practical for your needs.