Elevate Your Home to ‘Custom Status’ with These Tips

Just because you’re not living in a custom home in Los Angeles doesn’t mean you can’t make it feel that way! As people spend an increasing amount of time in their homes, there has been a strong desire to update and optimize their living spaces. 

If you’re hoping to elevate your home by making it look more custom and unique, there are plenty of ways to reach your goal. Read on for six of our best tips for adding custom touches to your L.A. home. 

Updated Staircase 

Staircases are often situated prominently in the home, making them the focal point of the first floor. This also makes the staircase a great piece for a high-impact upgrade. You can transform your staircase in a number of ways: a new coat or stain of paint, a fresh railing, refinished stairs or a unique runner. 

Solid Core Doors 

Replace your hollow doors with sturdy solid core doors. These wooden doors are fully filled with wood or wood composite materials. Not only do these doors look expensive, but also they provide enhanced durability and soundproofing. If you’re on a budget, consider painting or staining your doors and replacing the hardware. 

Wall Detailing 

If you have a busy household, chances are, your walls could use a makeover. Adding your own personal taste to your walls will give your home a custom look and feel. Consider custom paneling, chair rails, crown molding, wallpaper and unique paint colors. You can even add wood planks to your ceiling! 

Ceiling Beams 

Speaking of ceilings, faux wood ceiling beams are a beautiful architectural feature that allow rooms to have higher ceilings or a decorative element. People will notice these beams right away, giving your home a unique appeal. Plus, you can add wood beams to any style of decor. They can add warmth or provide contrast with a clean, minimal home. 

Updated Lighting 

Your light fixtures tell a lot about the quality of your home. Switch out old, outdated light fixtures with stylish alternatives. A mix of recessed and hanging lights is best, as this provides “layers” of light. For example, you may want can lights in your family room and hanging pendant lights over the kitchen island. 

Custom Built-ins 

Custom built-ins are a wonderful way to upgrade your home. You can build bookshelves, entertainment centers, pantries, toy storage and more. The benefit to built-ins is that they are part of the home and built into the wall and decor. They provide ample storage and decorating space without taking up floor space. 

If you’re hoping to give your Los Angeles home a visual boost, contact Kavin Construction today. We’ll discuss your vision for the project and how to create a one-of-a-kind home.