Why Custom Homes Aren’t Necessarily Big Homes

When you hear the term ‘custom home,’ what comes to mind? If you’re like many people, you may assume that a custom build is a sprawling home with five bedrooms, four bathrooms and lots of square footage. But this is just a misconception. 

In reality, a custom home can be any type of home – even a small home! What ‘custom’ means is that you’re building a home that is uniquely yours, with the layout, features, design elements and upgrades that complement your lifestyle. 

Let’s learn more about what it means to build a custom home in Los Angeles, and why size isn’t everything. 

What is a Custom Home? 

A custom home is a property designed and constructed to meet specific preferences. It’s different from a spec home or tract home, which is built off a standardized blueprint and then sold to buyers. Custom homes cater to the unique desires and preferences of the person who will be living there, and they get the opportunity to handpick the layout and design elements. 

Key features of a custom home include: 

  • Design flexibility. Homeowners can choose the layout, architectural style, room sizes and more with a custom build. They’re able to work closely with architects or designers to build the perfect home.
  • Material selection. With a custom home, homeowners can choose the materials and finishes of their cabinets, countertops, flooring and fixtures for a high degree of personalization. 
  • Size and layout. Not all custom homes are large. They are built to the specific space requirements of the homeowner. Some people choose large homes to accommodate growing families, while others prefer a smaller layout to accommodate aging in place.
  • Location. Another perk to building a custom home is that homeowners get to pick the location. They can buy land in a desirable area rather than relying on specific neighborhoods. 
  • Unique features. Custom builds typically feature unique amenities that reflect the homeowner’s lifestyle and personality. This could include custom kitchens, wine cellars, home theaters, outdoor living areas and more. 

Custom Homes Aren’t Always Big Homes 

Now that you know more about what a custom home entails, you can understand why they’re not always these large, sprawling properties. Some are, but some are small and practical. In fact, some homeowners specifically request a smaller property so that they get the features they want while being able to maintain a higher lifestyle. 

Kavin Construction is a custom home builder in Los Angeles that designs and builds all types and sizes of homes. It’s amazing what we can do with just 1,300 square feet of space! With open-concept layouts, large windows, clean lines and cohesive furnishings, we can make a small home look big, specious and airy. 

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