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There’s no place like home.  However, it’s both a sanctuary as well as an investment, and most homeowners try to find the balance between those two competing factors.  MSN Money reports that homeowners can recoup between 80 and 90 percent of the money they spend on certain home remodeling and construction projects.  With the real estate market out of the danger zone and on a steadying and climbing trend, more homeowners are feeling comfortable enough to explore remodeling and renovating options.


It would be hard to miss the myriad of home improvement shows offered by HGTV productions, and most likely you’ve seen an episode or two.  There’s a phenomenon that occurs with homeownership, especially in a large city like Los Angeles, where sprucing up your house may begin on day one with a fixer, or happen gradually in home in which you’ve lived for many years.  The need to feather your nest is directly related to the pleasure and comfort you receive from your home and cuts across all budgets.


If you are thinking of remodeling your home only because you are going to be listing it for sale in the short term, then there is a different set of standards to evaluate what needs to be done in order to make your home sellable.  But, if you’re flirting with the idea of remodeling for practical or esthetical reasons, and will be staying and enjoying those improvements, then there are smart project choices to be made.  It is possible to fulfill your design vision while still staying within a sound budget model.

  1. KITCHEN REMODELING:  Still remains the best single value for your remodeling dollars, no matter the size and scope.  You’ll get the best return, the heaviest usage, and great pleasure from a simple update all the way to a gut renovation.


  1. MASTER BATHROOM:  Although bathroom renovations in general have always returned top percentages of money spent, the new trend toward the luxury master en suite remodel is a winner.  Homeowners derive great comfort and privacy in this spa like sanctuary.


  1. REPLACING WINDOWS:  Here’s an opportunity to be energy efficient while improving the look of the exterior of your home.  It’s not always all about the interior after all.  Curb appeal brings tremendous value returns, as well as cost saved on heating and cooling bills.  Also, you can take it a step further design-wise, and upgrade windows with french doors replacements.


  1. ROOM ADDITIONS:  Space counts, and it doesn’t have to be much to make a great difference in your living environment.   A room addition of only 500 square feet represents more comfort and storage options, as well as design value to your home, be it a bedroom or family room addition.  No plumbing required.


In today’s world of the stay-cation, emphasis on home comfort is more important than ever, but still has to be coupled with home value.  Kavin Construction, dedicated to serving the greater Los Angeles area since 1975, understands how to combine livability with value in the home remodeling market.  As premier general contractor, Kavin general contractors provide the finest in quality workmanship, professionalism, and reliability.  Contact them today and they will help you construct your dream kitchen and bathroom remodel, exterior remodel, or architectural home design into a reality.  The possibilities are fabulous and of value, but don’t forget limitless with Kavin Construction.