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Owner and President Michael Kavin established Kavin Construction in 1975 to serve clients in Southern California. In retrospect, construction was the furthest thing from Michael Kavin’s mind while he was growing up in Los Angeles. But things changed when he went away to attend the University of California at Davis as a Biological Sciences and Physics major. He worked weekends at a local lumber company which led to a summer job at Anawalt Lumber Company in Los Angeles. In 1975, while still working at Anawalt, Michael established his own carpentry service which later evolved into Kavin Construction. To this day, Michael maintains a strong working relationship with Anawalt. In 1978, Michael became a licensed contractor with the State of California in three building classifications: General Building (B), Fencing (C-13), and Painting & Decoration (C-33). His level of expertise became well respected within the construction industry. He was frequently invited to participate as an expert witness for the State Contractor’s License Board in the resolution of construction disputes.

Michael prides himself on his cutting-edge knowledge of computers and technology. He introduced a revolutionary computer system to Kavin Construction in the late 1970’s and has personally upgraded all hardware and software systems ever since. Michael also personally writes all of the company’s computer programs, including Kavin Construction’s proprietary “Job Costing” program – an application that compares the actual expenses against the projected expenses, thereby providing clients with the most accurate budgetary reports.

Today, Michael relies on a staff of over thirty professionals to provide excellent customer service and quality craftsmanship to his clients, yet he continues to manage all of Kavin Construction’s bidding, job costing, projected budget control, contract preparation, and quality control responsibilities. He is personally involved with every proposal and vigorously oversees all projects to ensure his clients’ satisfaction. “Clients can reach me anytime of the day by phone or email,” Michael says. “It’s a small way of instilling confidence and letting clients know that I am on top of their projects.”

Danny Herrington is the General Construction Manager for Kavin Construction, overseeing all projects in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Of his twenty-nine years working in the construction industry, the last fourteen years have been with Kavin Construction. Danny’s job entails overseeing and coordinating the home construction process from start to finish; his responsibilities as “field boss” include interfacing with homeowners, architects, and sub-contractors. Danny is adept at handling unanticipated problems, and his easy-going, fair, and diplomatic demeanor keeps all of Kavin Construction’s projects running smoothly and on schedule.

Gustavo Deugarte Jr. joined Kavin Construction last year as Office Manager. His responsibilities include handling the day-to-day operations of a busy office, managing accounts receivables and payables, and payroll duties. Since moving to Los Angeles, Gustavo has brought his skills in office administration and management to companies in various fields and is proud to have joined the Kavin Construction team.

Assistant Office Manager Jerry Walpert is responsible for the general duties associated with running a busy construction office, including scheduling projects, coordinating meetings, maintaining client files and insurance policies, ordering supplies and managing the staff’s cellular service. After twenty-seven years experience as a production manager at a furniture company, the previously retired Jerry came out of retirement six years ago to help his friend of twenty-two years; Jerry is a true testament to Michael Kavin.

Steve De Luna brings twenty-eight years experience to his position as Project Manager. He has been a licensed general contractor for twenty-five years, seventeen years of which have been with Kavin Construction. Steve’s attention to detail, his ability to coordinate all the tradespeople, and his foresight in planning make him stand out as one of the most exceptional Project Managers in the community. The sub-contractors love to work on Steve’s jobs because he puts everything into place so they can do their jobs, thereby eliminating downtime and saving money. Clients appreciate the financial benefit as well.

Project Manager Dan Dixon specializes not only in residential construction but has a background in commercial construction as well. He interfaces with clients, architects, and sub-contractors to build the “home of one’s dreams,” and it’s Dan’s sense of humor and desire to get the job done right which fulfills that task. Having grown up in a family of superintendents and construction managers, Dan knew he was ultimately destined for the construction field. He spent several years in real estate and property management before returning to his “true calling” and has been with Kavin Construction for the past fourteen years.

Chris Haueter has over thirty years in the construction industry with both residential and commercial experience. He has twenty years experience in construction management and works hard to insure the best workmanship and quality possible. He communicates well with both subcontractors and customers and makes the building process rewarding for all. Chris is a good addition to the Kavin staff and is a welcome addition.

Duke Dixon became familiar with Kavin Construction working closely for fourteen years as one of our sub-contractors. He has been a part of our team for three years. His vast construction knowledge and personable demeanor make him the perfect project manager.

Vincent Wood has worked in residential and commercial construction for the past eighteen years. His experience and knowledge in all aspects of construction have given him an edge in his attention to detail and follow through ability. He is well liked by architects, sub-contractors and clients. Vincent’s ability to solve problems and find solutions to problems has benefited his clients in all facets of the construction process, making him a great asset to Kavin Construction.

Maurice Ideses has been with Kavin Construction for ten years, assisting all Project Managers. Maurice had worked in clothing production most of his life, deciding to change his career into the world of construction. He is a great asset to all projects, working hand in hand with our Project Managers to order and pick up materials, monitor construction as a second pair of eyes, and handle time consuming tasks to free up our staff.


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