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Converting Your Los Angeles Garage into Extra Living Space

Housing laws in California are traditionally very strict, especially if you are renting out a space. But recently, California lawmakers made it easier to convert garages into residential spaces. Garage conversions and stand alone small living quarters, also known as ADUs or Accessory Dwelling Units, are also becoming very popular.

By adding more square footage to your home, you can earn additional income by renting out the space or build your dream workshop. Keep in mind that the garage must meet certain requirements that you can read more about here

So why might you turn your garage into an extra room? Let’s look at the main benefits to investing in a garage conversion in Los Angeles. 

Rent Out the Garage for Extra Income 

One of the main advantages to converting your garage into a new room is the opportunity for passive income. You can rent out a safe, secure place and charge tenants monthly rent. The money you get will quickly offset the cost to convert the garage, and then you can start earning additional income that can add up to $6,000 or more a year. 

See a Guaranteed Return on Investment 

If you’ve thought about buying a property to rent out but aren’t sure if you’re ready for it, converting your garage is a great compromise. You can choose affordable finishes during the renovation and add value to your home when it’s time to sell. Or, you can choose to use the garage as an office or in-law suite later down the road. 

Enjoy Extra Room for a Growing Family

Housing prices in Los Angeles are high, so many families end up living in small homes. This may be doable when the kids are small, but if family members move in or college kids return home, the space can get tight. Having an extra room in the garage provides you with the space you need to live comfortably.

Build Your Luxury Bathroom or Office 

If you’ve been dreaming of a luxury bathroom, a private work-out space or a cozy office, you can do so with a garage conversion. Choose the finishings you want and save big from not having to buy another property. You can also turn the garage into a hobby space or playroom for the kids. 

Getting Started with Your Garage Conversion Project 

If you’re considering converting your garage into an in-law suite, rental property or extra room for your own family, it’s important to do your research and familiarize yourself with the regulations in your area. You can then start gathering bids for the project from reputable contractors in Los Angeles. 

Kavin Construction is a residential home remodeling contractor that can convert your garage into the space you want and need. We provide high quality workmanship and use superior materials that will enhance the comfort and livability of your home. For a free estimate on your garage conversion, contact us today

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Should You Continue with Your Home Renovation During COVID-19?

California is currently following a stay-at-home order in response to the coronavirus pandemic. In time, this will loosen, but even then we can expect things to be different. If there’s one thing that we are learning from this experience, it’s that there is no better place to be than home. 

If you’ve been thinking about doing some home improvement projects, you may be wondering how and when to move forward. On one hand, you don’t want to take on a project that will drain you financially, especially if your job is unstable. On the other hand, you may have more free time to fix up the home and a little extra money in your pocket from that cancelled vacation or stimulus check

Here are some considerations to make when planning for a remodel during or after the coronavirus pandemic. 

Yes, you should still tackle small, low-budget projects. 

Some renovations are more expensive than others. If you were looking to tackle an affordable project that you could pay for in cash, you don’t have to hold off because of the current health crisis. In fact, now is a great time to work on the project because you have the time to do so. Chances are, you’re stuck indoors anyway, so you may as well put your time to good use. 

If you need some help from the pros, that’s okay! Because home improvement is an essential service, most contractors are still working. You will want to take extra precautions to protect the contractor and yourself, which they can advise you on. 

Larger renovation projects may have to wait. 

As for larger projects, you may want to hold off on these. If you were planning on paying in cash, it’s probably best to hold onto this money until our economy is better. There’s no telling how badly the coronavirus pandemic will affect our economy and what jobs will be compromised. 

That said, if you feel secure in your job and your savings account, you can move forward with a larger project. After all, not all home improvements are for luxury purposes. Some are essential to your indoor comfort and health. For example, if your bathroom has mold or your appliances are not working, you’ll want to move forward with your project.

Use this time to get multiple quotes. 

Another thing you can do right now is work on getting a few estimates. This way, you can start planning for a freshly remodeled kitchen or bath! Plus, researching contractors gives you a head start on a successful renovation

A good rule of thumb is to start getting estimates 30 days before signing anything. Do some preliminary research on your own, gather a few quotes from reputable contracting companies and analyze the numbers. 

Here are some things to pay attention to: 

  • Level of detail. Avoid vague estimates, particularly for small projects. Everything should be broken down. 
  • Materials and appliances. You should get the materials and appliances you want, not just the ones that are cheapest. 
  • Waste disposal and cleanup. Most contractors rent dumpsters or trash cans to dispose of hazardous materials. 
  • Permits and inspections. Most large home improvement projects require a permit and inspection. Who is responsible for getting these? 
  • Landscaping. The trucks and dumpsters can cause damage to your landscaping. Who is responsible for returning the yard to its original condition? 
  • Warranties. Make sure the contractor offers some type of warranty on their work. If they charge for this, is it worth the extra cost? 

The COVID-19 pandemic is surely changing things for people, but it’s bringing us closer to our homes and nuclear families. If you are interested in moving forward with a home improvement project now or in the future, contact Kavin Construction for a detailed estimate.