Interior Remodeling – Tips for Planning Ahead

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If you have a big interior remodeling project on your hands, know that negotiating the planning and permitting process and getting everything finalized to begin within the same building season can sometimes be difficult to pull off.

While some interior remodels are simple, the larger scale remodels such as the ones we see in southern California can be massive in scale. Unfortunately, some homeowners aren’t prepared when they head into a remodeling project. Without proper prep and negotiation ahead of time, a homeowner could wind up spending a lot more money and get back inferior work.

Setting up Plans for Interior Remodeling

One of the easiest ways to avoid a headache and potential problems with an interior remodel is to avoid the rush. The beginning of the year heading into spring is one of the most popular time for interior and exterior remodeling. People’s time is precious and many homeowners want to minimize disruptions by getting work done quickly. But the multitude of decisions required in order to get a project permit-ready can drag out the process.

A good first step is working with an interior construction and remodeling company that has access to professional architects on staff – or networks with local California architects that are well respected in the community. This takes care of developing a custom floor plan including architectural material selection, electrical and plumbing, windows, fireplaces and more.

Why Planning Ahead Makes Sense

Having an idea for what you want that is well thought out can minimize the time required for a remodel. This means using your down time to discuss the project with friends and family, spend time looking at materials, choose colors, look over costs vs. the value added to the home, etc. Doing this without the time push of trying to get a project done takes the stress away and makes it easier for you to actually enjoy the process.

Dealing with Budget Decisions for Interior Remodeling

Homeowners often succumb to sticker shock with interior remodeling. Depending on what you plan on doing, project bids can come back to you that exceed your projected budget for your remodel. This brings new decisions to the table that have to be made. Where would you be willing to cut back on the project; can you change the cost by choosing different materials; what kind of quality is delivered at the bid price? Does the bid exceed your budget to the point that you can’t do the whole project now – but perhaps in phases?

Early planning in this form gives you the opportunity to look for sales and discounts on the materials you want and be more selective about the contractor you choose. While you should never hire an interior remodeling contractor based solely on price, it is one of the deciding factors in the entire process.

Don’t plan a remodel with the hopes of a contractor starting tomorrow. Start planning today for an interior remodeling that will begin months from now. You’ll find the process is smoother, you’re more likely to get exactly what you want, and you’ll be happier with the newly remodeled living space.